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Ryan Maron Batting Tips: Lofted Drive

Ryan Maron - the former Western Province player - is one of South Africa’s leading coaches, running his famous Cricket School of Excellence in Cape Town for over 10 years as well as being Head coach of the University of Cape Town.

In this series, Ryan gives his batting tips for talented young cricketers. This week the tips are all to do with the lofted drive.

The tips are provided in association with Maron’s Cape Town International Cricket Academy (CTICA)

The camp for players from anywhere in the world aged 18-25, offers a chance to develop cricketing skills in one of the world’s most attractive cities.

The camp takes place in Cape Town between 1 February-31 March 2013. The Director is Ryan Maron. The other coaches include former South African international all-rounder Brian McMillan, veteran of 38 Tests and 78 ODIs between 1991 and 1998, and Andy Moles, who is one of the most experienced coaches in international cricket.  Moles, who made more than 15,000 runs at an average of 40 during an 11-year career at Warwickshire and Griqualand West, has since had spells as coach of Kenya, Scotland, Canada and New Zealand.

 For two months, players will get mental, fitness and cricket coaching, as well as playing activities, bed and breakfast, training and playing clothing, sightseeing, tickets to Newlands cricket ground and a range of other activities.

In addition to helping the participants to develop their skills in batting, bowling and fielding, the Academy focuses on physical and mental fitness, vision and nutrition. The coaches will also provide an in-depth analysis of every player’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to return to their home country with a head start for the coming season.

 There is extensive coverage of the Academy, including match reports and photos, and a regular practice and match diary for each player.

The CTICA is limited to just 16 players. So act now by visiting www.capecricketacademy.com 

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to what length shud v play the lofted drive

I can play the lofted straight and on drive well but cant play a lofted coverdrive can you do an article on it.

don't you think playing the loft earlier on if praticised in the nets sets a good tone and also makes the bowlers wary and go on the defensive.. I tend to come down the wicket a lot when I first start and play the risk shots...