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Strength-speed workout for cricket

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Fitness in cricket is vital to improve performance.

Part of your pre-season training should be dedicated to developing your 'strength-speed'.

Strength-speed is defined by your ability to move heavier objects quickly under sport conditions (such as rugby tackling). Its a move from pure strength towards pure power.

In cricket this is not required, but a short term pre-season programme lasting 2-4 weeks can help you move from pure strength training to speed training more efficiently.

Essentially this workout is a bridge between general conditioning and more specific training so should always be used as part of a complete pre-season plan.

Before you begin on this programme here are a few key points:

  1. You should never begin any exercise programme without knowing and understanding your health history. If you are in any doubt that you can safely perform exercise, contact your doctor before starting.
  2. Some of the exercises a will need a training buddy.
  3. Only begin this plan after building up your base fitness over 8-16 weeks and completing the pure strength programme for cricket here.
  4. The goal is not to bulk up or increase muscle hypertrophy; it is to increase cricket strength. There is no need to worry about getting too big as you will not be training long enough or in the same way as a bodybuilder does.

The Cricket Strength-Speed Workout

Weekly Workout Schedule

Monday: Rotate & Push
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: Cricket Skills
Thursday: Off
Friday: Strength Run
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off

  • Remember to warm up, stretch and cool down.
  • The tempo should be as explosive as possible, focusing on speed of movement with good balance.
  • Runs can be moved to same day as weight days, or can run on off days if preferred.
  • Sets can be increased/decreased depending in intensity and fitness level.

Workout Exercises

Sets and reps are in brackets. Take 3-5 minutes between sets to ensure full recovery.

Rotate & Push (3 sets of 6 reps 3-4 mins rest)
Medicine Ball Standing Overhead Back
Medicine Ball Seated Side Throw
Medicine Ball Sit Up
Weighted Press Up

If you need an Medicine Ball (and it's a good thing to have for all kinds of workouts) then I recommend this Reebok Ball.

Strength Run
Resisted Buggy Runs
Resisted Lateral Runs
Chair Get-ups
Jockeying Throw & Catch
Seated Forward Get-ups

You can get a full description of all these 'Strength Run' drills in SAQ Cricket.

For the next step in the complete cricket pre-season training programme, subscribe for update.

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