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The 7 immutable laws of cricket practice

While there's as many ways to approach training as there are cricketers, some things never change when it comes to improving your game. Here are the 7 elements that you might keep in mind when planning your practice:

  1. The Law of Specificity. Cricket skill and fitness development are highly specific. That means if you want to improve you must do it in ways that reflect playing.
  2. The Law of Pressure. Practicing under pressure (like mini-games or double size nets with fielders) more accurately reflects game conditions and improves game performance.
  3. The Law of Intensity. It's more interesting and closer to on field intensity to train harder for shorter periods and with greater frequency. This is especially true when practicing new drills or skills.
  4. The Law of Optimisation. If players are hanging around waiting they are not improving. That means planning beforehand to make the most of the time and equipment available.
  5. The Law of Success. We all feel better when we achieve something. That means ensuring you focus on success and set realistic goals for each training session.
  6. The Law of Fitness First. If you need to include conditioning as part of a general training session then have a thorough warm up then do it before you move to skills practice.
  7. The Law of Fun. We all want to get better but we all want to enjoy ourselves along the way. Variety, competition, enthusiasm and playing cricket are all vital to a good session.


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