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The Newcomer’s Guide to PitchVision Academy

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It doesn’t matter what level you play, if you are new to PitchVision Academy it’s an intimidating place. There are over 10 books worth of articles, in excess of 8 DVDs of video and more than 60 CDs of audio; all dedicated to cricket coaching and playing.

Where do you begin if you are at the start of your journey?

Not every bit of content will resonate with your personal situation. You need a filter. This article aims to help you by pointing you to the important content first.

Once you have the background information you will have the confidence to explore further. Most importantly, you can head to the nets knowing you are making the most of your training and the most of your potential, wherever you are now.

Follow the links below for your own level:
Pickup Cricketer

You could be playing in any number of formats from very informal to relatively organised including:

  • Informal Gully/Park Games
  • Tape Ball
  • Last Man Stands
  • Midweek Twenty20
  • Friendly Afternoon/Corporate Cricket

You have very little ambition for your cricket beyond having some fun with your friends or colleagues. That said, you would still like to win so a few tactical or technical pointers would help you. Click here to get those pointers.

Junior Cricketer

You are aged 8-18 and playing in a more formal way than the pickup cricketer. You are playing for a club, a school, a private academy or all three. They type of cricket you play is Twenty20, or afternoon games at your age group. You might also be turning out for an adult team on weekends.

You play to have fun with your friends but you also want to do well and have ambitions to improve and move up a level.

Click here for the PitchVision Academy Guide for Junior Cricketers

Junior Representative Cricketer

You have been playing and doing well in junior cricket. You are seen as a good player for your age group (somewhere from 11-18) and have been selected for a regional representative level. You play rep games alongside your normal age group games. You are also playing regular adult weekend cricket at a good standard.

You know for sure you are a decent player and have a serious aim to go further, perhaps even to play for your country.

Click here for the PitchVision Academy Guide for Junior Cricketers.

Senior Club Cricketer

You are over 18 and playing regular serious non-professional adult cricket. There is a formal league structure and you play against your peers, overseas and semi-pro players. This category also includes serious University cricket below first-class standard.

Ambitions at this level vary wildly from good players who want to play tough cricket for fun, to younger players who still harbour aims to play at the professional level. Whatever you want, once everyone crosses the white line the cricket is always hard and serious.

Click here for the PitchVision Academy Guide for Senior Cricketers


You coach non-professional players. This could be in a school, academy, club or University. It could be adult players but it’s certainly youngsters who are keen to develop.

You have a background in playing cricket and you want to pass on your love for the game to others. You also want to produce the best players possible with the talent you have.  You know the best way to do this is to keep your personal development going outside of your coaching badges. But you are also a realist and you need coaching plans and drills for your next training session!

Click here for the PitchVision Academy Guide for Cricket Coaches (coming soon).

This page will be updated when each section is published over the next few weeks, so bookmark this page and check back, or get the free email newsletter to get the updates sent directly to your inbox.

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