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PitchVision Products

PitchVision- Coach Edition is the Laptop or PC based version of the system- designed for Coaches, Schools, and Clubs or those who primarily work with groups of players.

Its sophisticated report screen allows any Coach, Teacher or Player to quickly build a simple or increasingly detailed dashboard of reports, graphs, 3D replays and more – allowing them to dissect an entire squad’s performance without disrupting the Session or missing a ball. It can be kept as simple or made as complex as the user desires.

PV-Coach automatically tracks the height, deviation and trajectory of the ball – building up a map of all deliveries through the session. However, PC-Coach Edition also does a lot more. Both Batsman and Bowlers can set Virtual field settings and practice real-game scenarios, bowlers can monitor their bowling stride, batsman their footwork….

It’s a completely new and revolutionary form of collecting performance orientated data and massively improves training feedback and enjoyment. Just as importantly, it’s not just another ‘elite’ training product only to be found in academies or used by professionals. It's a product that has been specifically designed to be affordable at all levels of the game – Schools, Clubs, Sports Centres and Individuals

PitchVision- Mobile Edition is the Mobile Phone based player-feedback system designed for Cricketers of all standards, young and old, at School, at their club, their local park or sports centre. Individuals can automatically capture their own (and their friend’s) data as they play and receive instant feedback on their Nokia Mobile Phone.

Just like PV-Coach, PV-Mobile Edition instantly presents the pace, height, deviation and trajectory of each ball – including the batsman’s shot and a calculated outcome (runs, fielded, or caught). Every detail is stored in the Phone’s memory for further analysis - building up a map of the phone owner’s batting and bowling through the session.

Despite the small size of the application the Player can do an amazing amount of analysis right there on the phone. miSport can see players enthusiastically dissecting & debating their performances on the bus on the way from training or showing their parents their day’s efforts once home.

It’s a highly accessible way of collecting & sharing player data set to revolutionise training, performance and enjoyment!. But it doesn’t end there… (see below)

PitchVision- Academy is an On-line Library of every delivery uploaded from PV-Mobile or PV-Coach Edition systems.

With one push of a button each player can transfer all the data from their phone or Laptop to “PitchVision Academy “ (www.PitchVision.com) where every delivery they have ever bowled or faced on PitchVision is stored in his/her own personal on-line library.

As soon as they log-in each PV-Academy user gets to use a fantastic range of analysis tools and educational features. Players can compare their performance week to week, month to month, season to season – in any combination they choose. Just like iTunes, players can create Playlists of their best or worst outcomes – or just the areas they need to practice more.

They can also compare their performances to those of other players around the world. How do I perform against left arm bowlers? How do I compare to other players of my type and style? Who was the fastest bowler in amongst my friends this week? Where was that ball that got me out? What is the best field setting for my Bowling?

Players can also submit their data for analysis by one of PitchVision Academy’s ‘On-Line’ Coaches who will email back their observations and suggestions on things to work on or to correct bad habits.

Sensor Mats
PitchVision uses its unique ‘sensor-mats’ to collect data. These are made from flexible, lightweight fabric & hang directly on the nets & stumps, or are laid on or under the pitch itself.

PitchVision sensors:

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to pack up
  • Fit any Cricket net
  • Wireless – no messy leads or hazards
  • Do not affect the bounce of the ball
  • Durable & waterproof
  • Are suitable for Indoor or Outdoor use
  • No special bat or ball needed, no cameras required.
  • Sensor Branding
    Apart from everything else, the Sensors are fantastic “Billboard” space –the ideal place for a Partner/Sponsor to gain exposure across the cricket community. Any single installation attracts significant attention from a large catchment of players & public alike.

    miSport has set aside space for coaching markers, instructions and “Partner-Branding” where a sponsor or partner brand can be displayed prominently and is actively seeking National & Global partners to participate in a long-term co-branding agreement.

    (Current UK Sponsors: Club Turf, SLR Cricket & Bola Bowling Machines)