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Welcome to PitchVision. Here you can use technology to boost your cricket skills and score more runs and wickets. We know it's the future because Cricket South Africa agree and have made PitchVision their official Coaching Solutions Partner.

If you need to know how technology is taking coaching to the next level you are in the right place. Follow our advice and find yourself performing like never before, what ever level you start at. 

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Become a Cricketer: The Next Great Players will Lead a Measured Life

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There is a quiet trend happening around the world: one that is about to become a revolution. This trend will be instrumental in creating the next generation of cricketers. Right now exactly the time to get ahead if you have ambitions to become a cricketer.

Cricket Show S7 Episode 23: An Audacious Goal!

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David Hinchliffe discusses cricket with top coaches Mark Garaway and Sam Lavery. This show opens with a discussion about fielding standards: How to measure them with relevance, and how to raise them further.

Four Ways to Connect With Your Cricketers During Reviews

I have become increasingly aware of different learning styles and preferences within teams over the years and have been trying to find different review methods that connect with those different styles.

40 Ways to Bat at Nets Instead of Just Hitting Balls. Now You Have No Excuse.

One of the worst things I can hear at cricket training is the dreaded phrase "I just want to hit balls".

Why is this so bad?

Set the Tone: How to Win the First Ten Overs in One Day Cricket (and Why it Matters)

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There is something magic about the first ten overs.

How to Become a Consistent Batsman

Are you driven enough to be consistent batsmen?

Cricket Show S7 Episode 22: Odd Man Out

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Mark Garaway is with Sam Lavery and David Hinchliffe. The sticky issue of a good player who has a different outlook to the team is covered on the show. Every team has an odd man out who still does the job on the field. Here's how to deal with it.

Work with Players, Not Techniques to Grow Your Cricketers

What do you see when watching a batter in a net or out in the middle?

What do you notice?

These are the key questions that I ask of myself when working with any player for the first time.

PitchVision: Official Coaching Solutions Partner for Cricket South Africa

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PitchVision is now the official Coaching Solutions Partner for Cricket South Africa. Each first-class province across South Africa will be using PitchVision technology within their Provincial Academy, High Performance Structures, and elite player development programmes.

Here's a Couple of Ways to Take More Catches You May Not Have Thought Of

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One of the traits of a strong fielding side is they get more chances than a weaker one. They do this not through better bowling or worse batting but through going for the ball more often and getting there more often.

It's not some unnatural talent given to the few. Anyone can do it.