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2 drills to improve your batting concentration

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Batting is hard work on the mind. It requires a few seconds of very intense concentration followed by almost total relaxation between balls.

Not many people are born with that skill, but you can learn it.

Mainly this is developed by batting in games and practice matches under pressure. There are a couple of drills you can add to your practice sessions to supplement this.

  • Drill 1: Bat in the nets against medium pace with a ball that is half red, half white. As the ball is delivered you call whether the white half is on your off or leg side. You can do this with a red ball and call inswing or outswing to make it more difficult.
  • Drill 2: Stand 5m from a partner who has different coloured balls. Your partner underarms a ball to you which you catch with your head over the ball (in a similar position to the forward defensive). Before you catch it you must call out the colour of the ball. To make it more difficult use a normal cricket ball and spin it calling off break or leg break.

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Knowing what to do and how to do it is different than being fit enough to do it. Drills nutrition and excercise go a long way to help

sorry I did not mean to appear Anonymous in my posting above. Excercising the right way helps everything. Drills give proper technique if you are fit enough to do it well.

while practising in the nets if we call out whether it is in swing or outswing dont you think that we wont be able to match up with the bowlers pace & wont be able to move our feet?

Good point writam. When doing this drill the focus is on picking the type of ball rather than playing the shot. Therefore you don't need to be perfect in your technique.

Once you have completed the drill then go back to playing normally.

good drills for bat

worst drills should be more meaningful this is not for professionals cricketers this is for begginers

Correct, this is not a site for professional cricketers. It's for club and school players. We are a broad church here. Although if you have any advance drills I would love to hear them, please email me.

thanx this drill really help me to make eye set to close the ball

need batting drills i can do with my boy (10), very good no 3 , off season drills , that we can do to build better consecration and skills thanks johan (south africa)

You need the drills you can find here

good tips

Wow..nice drills. David i planning to do the same with my kid but in a different way. I just posted it before few days in 5 immutable laws of coaching kids...it goes like...
m going to try a new thing where i will get some white softball and write a numbers on it. I will ask him to catch on 1 pitch, Before catching he has to say the no.written on the ball. I just want to make sure that he develops concentration and sees the ball when it is about to be released or just released from my hand where it pitches and adjusts his body accordingly and catches.
Do you think that it is the right way??

Any drill, sport or game that forces the player to focus intently on the ball will improve him in the long term.

Thanks David.

my son age i 8yrs when he was 4 years i started giving practice to him.
* first i was playing a free cricket with a tennis ball
i played for couple of months,
* then i started playing with him with a rubeer practice ball.
* every day i was bowling 500 balls.
* after 4 years i saw my son can play the fastest ball 135 speed.
* lets hope if ALLAH (GOD) wants one day he will play for the country.

sir i m coach n please send me batting drills video

sir, i am righthand bastman n please send me some battind idea...how can improve my batting..

sir, i am righthand bastman n please send me some battind idea...how can improve my batting..

Hi guys im a no 5 batsman and i have faced my fair share of problems when it comes to slumps in form but there is one drill that helps me get my timing back on track and places emphasis on the basics of cricket always get on your front foot first and get your foot to the pitch of the ball i get a mate to throw a couple of balls at me playing one handed drives and the thrower should increase the speed of the balls as the drill goes on its that simple give it a bash and best of luck to you guys

great drill and good advice Etienne

the fact that you have to play the drives one handed helps you to focus on getting in line when plaing the ball as you have limited control over the bat it also helps you if you have a habit of forcing a shot with your bottom hand i could use a couple of tips on playing off spin as that seems to be my weakness

sir,i am right handed batsman.i m doing practice very regularly and sin..But i cant able to hit more than 60 or 70 run.so please give some idea for me....

see first dont lose up your confidence first of all if you are capable of getting runs of 60 to 70 then it is very easy to get other 40 to 0 runs extra when your getting your half century after that your fielder goes deep for you because you are a settled batsman so at that time you have to slowly increase your runs by taking single and doubles and for sure you will get a atleast 2 to 3 loose deliveries at a time so choose perfectly then go for it common and this was the strategy i used to do it and succeed most of the time and i hope even you can do it all the best