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PitchVision Cricket Review of the Year

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Another year, another 150,000 words, another 1,500 minutes of audio and video. It's been a crackerjack year for players and coaches who follow PitchVision.


If you were here the whole time, thank you. If you have only just joined, here is what you missed. There's loads to catch up on!

We still love technique

It might have been a year where technique took a bashing, but there was still time to find a place for technique. We still love helping you find a way to improve.

Mindset gets stronger

Last year we learned about mindset, this year we grew it into a more holistic combination of tactical nous, mental strength, team spirit and culture and psychology. Not bad for one word eh?

Analysis for non-geeks

Another trend from this year is how we continued to get deep into the stats without getting too geeky. At club and school level, you need accessible numbers that can be used easily. Here's some of the best ideas.

Coaching gets better

Finally, we put a greater emphasis on coaching this year, helping the coaches get better will help players get better, plus it is a time of great change in cricket and coaches need to keep on top of new ways to coach. Here's what we said.

Of course, these are just a few highlights. Go through the archives for loads more. We weill be back next year for even more tips, ideas, skill development methods and drills.

Thanks for being with us.

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