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4 more things to do while waiting to bat

One of those sticky problems in cricket is the best thing to do while waiting to bat. After all, surely there must be something you can get on with that is better than sitting down worrying about getting out?

Ian at Cricket Secrets has an article today about that very issue: What to do while waiting to bat. For me the key points are:

  • Watch the bowler
  • Look at the field placements

Both of which are excellent ways to prepare your mind to the task at hand and give you a better chance of getting runs. It got me to thinking what I recommend. Here are a couple of points that I want to add.

  1. Sitting in the same light. The article recommends you sit in the same light, presumably to accustom your eyes to the light. I’m no expert on vision, but I do know that unless you have odd eyesight it only takes a matter of seconds for them to adjust to a change. On top of this, there is the skin risk of sitting in the sun for long periods. So on balance I don’t feel there is any need to sit in the same light. However if you feel you need to, don’t forget to slip, slap, slop.
  2. Keep warm. One of the problems of sitting still and watching the game is that your body will not be ready when you get out to the middle. While you may be waiting a long time to bat, it’s sensible to keep yourself supple and ready to run from the first ball you are out there. Do this through light warming up exercise every 15 minutes or so when you are the next person in: It might be a net for practice or just a few step ups on the bench in the changing room.
  3. Keep your eye in. When you are next in, try this batting timing exercise every so often to keep your eye in. That way you are ready to hit the first ball for four.
  4. Relax. If you get very tense before batting, try this tension control technique. While some tension is natural and good for your game, too much can see you failing regularly.

Do you have any tips for things to do while waiting to bat? If so get in touch.


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One more tips :

You may keep tossing-up & catching by yourself with a ball or throw against the wall and catch back with the ball, if possible of almost the same condition of the ball being played in the Middle and try to keenly concentrate on the ball, once in 5 minutes before going for batting.

Nice tip.

Very good tips, thanks for sharing them with us