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4 Fixes to Stop You Bowling Full

Menno Gazendam, author of the popular Spin Bowling Project book, begins a new weekly column on spin bowling. To keep up to date with Menno's advice subscribe to the newsletter. Please welcome Menno to the fold!

As a spinner there are times when you cannot seem to land the ball on the pitch for all money.

The main problem with this (besides that you are probably being hammered around the park), is that the ball cannot spin. And if it does spin, well, then you have become a slow bowler and you cannot call yourself a spinner anymore.

Here are four fixes though:


1. Look at where you want to bowl

Don’t look at the batsman or the stumps when you bowl, but rather at the spot where you want to pitch the ball. You are much more likely to hit your target when focusing on it.

2. Pivot

Make sure you get nice and high on that front foot when you bowl. You want to bowl down from a high height and not up from a low height. Bowling from high up makes it easier to get the ball down onto the spot you want.

3. Quicker arm speed

You must have a quick arm speed. The magic happens when you have a quick arm speed and a bowl that comes out slow. It means the ball will drift and dip with all the energy you put into the revolutions of the ball.

A slow arm speeds indicates you are straining to place the ball on a spot (a sign of nerves). It will not dip that way and most likely be a full toss.

4. Spin harder

The more spin you have on the ball the more it will drift and dip. The dip will make the ball go up above the batsman’s eyes and then fall short of a good length. So, you will also fool the batsman as it will look like a full toss to him, only to drop short on him.

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any fixes fr half trackers??

Great column!

I had a question about drills.... when you do a standing start drill and bowl, do you use the full length of the pitch?

Datrim: I had trouble bowling half trackers a little while back. I found that my front arm did not get high enough and also the front arm did not move with good energy and speed toward the target.

I also wasn't staying tall at release.. I had to keep my head as high as possible to bowl a good length.

Lastly check if you are gripping the ball too hard in the palm. It should be in your fingers.

exactly...i m holding it 2 hard...its slipping out of my hands as well and also i m closing off my frnt foot a lil 2 much ..coaches are saying that ur follow thru is slow bt its nt abt follow thru its abt release and body positioning ...anyways thanx mate.. i will take insight frm dis Smiling

I want to know about my bowling. My bolwing is always short pitch or full toss why ???