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5 Cricket training kit essentials

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Do you think you have your kit bag sorted? You may not have, even after you have packed your bat, pads, gloves, box and whites.

That stuff is great for playing and practising but it doesn't cover everything. So here are 5 more things every cricket player should consider having on hand.

1. XLR8 Cricket Kits

cricket speed training

This bag of goodies covers most of what you need for speed training: Mini hurdles, agility ladder, reaction ball and a guide to using it all.

To be honest, you could get the stuff cheaper if you buy it separately, but you don't get the guide or the handy bag. Either way, speed-training aids should be high on your shopping list.

2. Medicine Ball

Easy to transport and great for building up your power, medicine balls are superb tools for cricket players. I recommend having a few different weights for variation and adaption. An alternative is the powerbag.

3. Fitness Ball

A great big fitness ball is a flexible tool for core strength training, especially when combined with dumb bells.

4. Power Trainers

speed power training for cricket

Fast, explosive power is a core aspect of bowling, batting and fielding. Some great tools to help you develop it are the sled, the chute and the baby harness.

5. Free stuff

You don't need expensive specialist kit to train though. There is always parks, rocks or your own body weight. Training kit makes it a bit easier, but there is no excuse even if you can't get the bits you need.

Remember, however much kit you have (even if it is only a box) it's how well you train and not what you train with that makes you a better player.

Update: this is an older post and the links no longer take you directly to the equipment. I apologise for that. I still highly reccommend Newitts for good service and a great range of products though.

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