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5 strategies for dealing with ringers

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We have all come across players out of their class in club games: The infamous ringer.

Whatever the reason they are there, you need strategies to combat them. Here are some tips.

  • Dont fear reputations. Many good players are expecting to do well automatically. Your best strategy to use as many tricks as possible to strangle and frustrate them into a mistake.
  • All players have limitations. Bowlers get tired, batsmen have weak areas and their confidence can be controlled by your players.
  • To quality batsman: Quickly cut off his favourite 4 scoring shots, but dont go all out defensive. Set the field a little deeper allowing singles to take him off the strike. Pressure the other batsman to stop him giving the strike back.
  • To big hitting middle order batters: Strangle runs early in the innings to build up pressure on him, then as soon as he comes in put on a slow spinner. He may go for it before his eye is in.
  • For leg spinners: Get the left handers in to face him.

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