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5 Ways to Help the Captain Motivate Your Team

It’s not just the captain’s responsibility to motivate the side when on the field.

He has lots things to be thinking about during the fielding session, so here are 5 ways you can assist him  by taking the job of head cheerleader.

Mindful Encouragement

It is such an obvious place to start, but so many teams don’t do it well.

Many teams have a bit of chat in the field but mostly without meaning.

So, encourage mindfully. Reminding the team of how they are going to approach the next 5 overs will enforce a team ethic and indirectly add pressure to the batsman. Something as simple as ‘last big effort here boys’ will lift your team mates and will reinforce the pressure of the batting side needing to finish well.

Positive Body Language

The hands on hips teapot stance, the hands over the face, the crossed arms are all clear signs of your attitude. Be conscious of how others may see you. 

Negative body language does damage to your team’s morale and is a positive for your opposition.

Even if you feel like all is against you, take a moment to check yourself. Have a joke with a team-mate, laugh, open yourself up and if you must, fake it until you make it.

Jogging between each over will display a positive motive to the opposition and will rush the batsman.

Constant Communication

Use the small breaks between wickets falling or the drinks break to have a quick chat about how you are going to approach the next session of play.

You don’t need a grand huddle, just wandering over to the bloke next to you in the field is a reminder you are not alone.

Having everyone understand the tactics of this session will encourage unity and allow the captain to communicate subtle direction to his fielders who already know half of what he is trying to implement.

Ball Watching

Encourage enthusiastic displays like chucking the ball briskly between each other when returning to the bowler or between overs. 

Use a designated shiner – Having only one person shine the ball reduces the risk of the ball being shined on both sides. It also shows great organisation within the side; something that will be noted by the opposition. 

It also allows the fielders to concentrate on their positioning and not have to worry about process of shining. 

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