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7 reasons cricket is the best sport to play in the known universe

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  1. It kills a whole day. Most games are finished, showered and changed in 2 hours or less. Cricket bucks the trend of modern society and meanders at its own pace. An evening game is crammed into around 3 hours and weekend matches are at least an afternoon. Who cares if you have better things to do? Playing cricket is like a tiny holiday every weekend. Except you get to play a game as well as top up your tan.
  2. It's a mind game. Is any sport a greater challenge to patience and concentration than cricket? Maybe golf. Every time you step on the field there is a different challenge waiting. You may be batting to win the match with time running out, or trying to bowl the last man out. Even fielding is a challenge to stay switched on. While all these things require skill, fitness and practice it's all useless without the right mindset. If sport is a test of character then cricket is the finest test.
  3. It's unfathomable to the uneducated. There is nothing like a bit of elitism to make you feel important. If you have ever tried explaining cricket to someone who has no idea you know what I mean. Cricket almost has it's own language and just to confuse things there are several different ways to play it. This has the dual effect of weeding out blaggers and uniting the initiated. Most sports have complex rules and customs, but cricket takes it to a new level and is all the better for it.
  4. Food is included. The traditional English tea is part of the summer. Many players look forward to games just for the opportunity to eat cake and sandwiches. Food is part of cricket culture at all levels and it gives cricket the edge over other sports. What other game includes a buffet with your match fee?
  5. Everyone has an opinion. All sport is fuelled on opinions. Cricket, with it's tactics, tradition and the general slower pace leaves more room for chat. You have time to formulate an opinion and express it, even on the field. It also leads to much longer discussion of the game in the bar afterwards. That makes the evenings better too.
  6. It's a team sport played by individuals. Most team games require you to play as a unit and work together in a tight knit system. With cricket it's one on one most of the time. Sure partnerships are important while bolwing and batting but they are secondary to main event. However, unlike individual sports you can have a shocker and still win. You may have not contributed but at least you can go home with a smile on your face.
  7. You can play well into middle age. There are not many sports you can realistically keep going into your 40s, 50s or 60s. Some notable club players are still turning out past 80. You can easily captain the side with an air of authority, field at slip even when the score is 246-1, turn your arm over for some wily spin (former fast bolwers are especially good at this) and be a limpet at the crease saving games with your MCC perfect forward defence. Those whipper snappers don't know a thing.

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