Twitter Chat with the Pillars of PitchVision: CEO Richard Welch and Rohan Timblo | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Twitter Chat with the Pillars of PitchVision: CEO Richard Welch and Rohan Timblo

On Thursday 22nd December, PitchVision CEOs Richard Welch and Rohan Timblo are taking your questions in a twitter chat.

The pair are at the head of one of the most vibrant and successful cricket technology companies in the world. Formed in 2005 with a passionate goal to bring cricket training into the future, PitchVision’s products now span the globe improving cricket coaching from grass-roots to international level.

Rarely do such important pillars of the cricket technology world speak out.

But now you are getting the opportunity to ask questions and get insights from two men in a unique position to discuss the present and future of technology in cricket.

PitchVision’s products and services include,

  • PV/ONE ball tracking system
  • PV/VIDEO video analysis
  • PitchVision Portal player management
  • PitchVision Academy online cricket coaching
  • PV underfloor permanent facility installations
  • PV/PowerPlay cricket entertainment system
  • PV Jobs listings

In addition, PitchVision run the global Coach of the Year Awards, the largest independent award of its kind, seeking out the best coaches around the world and highlighting their valuable work in a glittering annual award ceremony.

Go to our Twitter profile on Thursday to join the conversation.

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