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PitchVision Announce PV/Match

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A brand new Scoring, Scouting and Live Streaming Software and App.

We are tremendously proud to announce the development of our new live “Match Scoring” software, “PV/Match” which will be available this year.

In fact we are actually announcing 3 systems in 1 – as PV/Match is not just for match scoring, but is for Scouting. training Video-Analysis, and for Live Streaming of matches with extensive social media sharing features. It is software for Matches on the weekend, and for Training during the week.

Like many in the cricket community we have seen electronic and app based scoring here and there at local matches. Its been a great compliment to the match day experience, especially when it involves sharing videos, and tweets out to other club members and family who can’t attend the game in person but are able to keep track of the game online. In reality, it’s a little bit like broadcasting – and you can see first-hand the enjoyment it brings to a team’s community when they are able to monitor your clubmates or family members during games.

Even better, many of these apps automatically copy the scores to platforms like ECB’s ‘PlayCricket” online hub/website, meaning the days of having to go through an elaborate process of copying scores from scoresheets after the match – or having to go through a bunch of hoops to get the data there is a thing of the pass. Seamless-ness, low fuss, and being integrated with the governing body seems the way to go.

Why have we decided to make a Scoring and Match Streaming system?

We believe we can offer Clubs and Schools a very cost effective, no-fuss solution that takes things a big step beyond just putting a score on-line. In this utterly digital age, the time has come now where most clubs are very open and interested using the power of social media and really interested in find a good electronic scoring solution that’s tailored to the practicalities of a club or school environment. It will also probably make your team Scorer the most popular person in your organisation.

Some background:

Historically PitchVision has been very strong in the area of coaching software, motion tracking, video analysis and athlete management. Oh, yes, we are very scientific at PitchVision. We gather exhaustive training data of a player’s pitchmaps, beehives, wagon wheels, pace, deviation… and synch all of this to an our inbuilt HD video system. Our PV/ONE motion tracking system and its matching PitchVision-Coach Edition software is an extremely popular coaching tool at all levels of the game check out our customers.

We also have free services that store all of your data and video online -and gives organisations like yours an extremely useful online library that connects players, coaches and officials via a central player management system. We’re proud to say that we work closely with our partners, the ECB and with all 18 counties in the UK, and with Cricket South Africa and all 16 provinces in South Africa – who utilise our platform nationally, as do hundreds of other academies, schools and associations we support world-wide.

We call this the PV ‘eco system’ – and you can read more about that here…

But the point is, there was just one thing missing – and that was Match data and video. We know that a lot of clubs are looking for a scoring system that makes communication easy, is low cost, and seamlessly integrates with everything else that they do (like PlayCricket, social-media, etc).

10 years on from pioneering the world’s first portable cricket motion tracking system, we are now bringing all our experience, science and love of coaches and recreational cricket to bear on scoring and match broadcasting. If PV/ONE was our MacBook, PV/Match is our iPhone!

By adding match scoring, we not only apply all our video and information management and social media solutions to the match day experience, we ‘close the circle’ in terms of having a full 360 view of a players cricketing life – from training, to formal assessments, biomechanical monitoring, workload management, documentation and drill, performance data- and now finally – their matches in glorious blue-ray quality video from 3 angles, seamlessly synched to their personal accounts, seamlessly shared to your club community and stakeholders as suits your needs.

There’s so much more to say and so much more we have to announce about this – please keep an eye out for further news over the coming weeks as we release a series of information packs about PV/Match. Until then here’s some basic facts to whet your appetite;

Name: PV/Match:
Scoring Software: 1 innings, 2 innings matches, multiple game formats supported.
Run on touchscreen tablet or laptop (which come provided)
Social Media:  1-press sharing to Twitter and Facebook. 
Online interactive scorecard with scores and videos updated every 30 seconds.  
Cameras:  1, 2 or 3 of our beautiful PV Cams running 30 up to 90frames per second in HD+ quality.   Rugged and shower proof, suitable for matches or nets, interviews and other highlights.
Is it easy to use? Yes.  Both software and hardware are small, easy to set up and run.  You do not need any technical knowledge.
Is it just for matches?  No.  This is versatile PV equipment. Use it on Saturday to broadcast the match, use it on Monday for video analysis of the colts training 
It is not a one-trick pony
Does it need mains power? The system runs on our own plug-and-play hub which has 9 hours battery life.
Live Video Streaming:

Yes, if you choose to.  All video includes ‘TV style’ score and sponsor 

Available on Windows, iOS and Android platforms. From £950. No ongoing licence fees. Unlimited data storage.

Available for Order From October 1, 2017

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