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  • A visual training system - sensor mats capture data and deliver for graphic analysis and reconstruction of bowlers delivery process and batsman response.
  • Designed for all levels of cricketer, in groups or alone. Automatic player ID options available
  • Easy to use, versatile and portable
  • Allows bowlers to play against software-simulated batsman and vice-versa
  • For training or "In-Net" run-chase games
  • Instant analysis, as well as an online library to store all your data
  • Combines sensor technology and mobile phones
  • Compatible with Mobile Phones and Bluetooth

Every where you go, every time you play:
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PitchVision - Coach Edition
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PitchVision for Cricket Clubs & Schools
Cricket Coaching is always a passion and quite often a business – but either way running coaching sessions are not without its challenges.

Coaching methods are evolving, and the expectations of players are increasing. How do you keep your student numbers up but still give appropriate attention to individuals?   How do you offer you players more than just a supervised net session? How do you compete with other Coaches in the area who offer similar services, or with the Coaches with better resources who are setting up Academies and Cricket centres?  How do you ensure you are offering your students the experience that’s going to keep them interested and excited? If you coach professionally you may also be thinking about how you grow your business and increase revenues, or how to take your coaching to the next level.

PitchVision wants to be your partner in all these endeavours – and we believe we have developed a product you are going to want to get to know, use and benefit from  as a Coach, a Mentor, and even as a Businessman.

PitchVision is a revolutionary cricket coaching system that will allow batting, bowling and fielding performance to be automatically measured, compared and improved. Line and Length, Ball Speed, shot selection, scoring against simulated teams, batsman’s foot work, scoring against simulated field settings, records of wicket balls, accuracy, and automatic player ID are just some of the features available to each player.   All of this without the use of cameras, or any other impractical equipment – and for about the price of a bowling machine.   It’s a piece of kit that can be used by an individual, or the entire class, squad, team simultaneously.  You don’t have to give up an entire net for 1 player, or invest in something that can only be used by one person at a time. 

PitchVision - Coach Edition: The Ultimate Cricket training tool.

We’re the first to acknowledge sports technology cannot replace good 1:1 coaching – there’s only so much stats and data can tell you.   However, the undeniable fact is that technology can reveal key performance elements that don’t always reveal themselves to the naked eye or are easily missed during the hustle and bustle of a busy session – and that performance data can help identify trends or weaknesses that need attention.  Of course, providing statistical analysis is also a great way to encourage attendance and competitive focus during training.

Furthermore, when you reflect on how the internet and email has exploded over recent years you must also consider the ways in which you communicate with your players, build and maintain relationships between coaching sessions and whether you can capitalise on it in some way.  We really believe the internet is a golden opportunity for cricket coaches – they just haven’t been given the right tools to capitalise on it- until now.

PitchVision - Coach Edition: Screenshots

A really exciting aspect of PitchVision is that it allows you to share the performance data with your players (and their friends and families) through the PitchVision on-Line Library – which we call “PitchVision Academy”.

It’s your own readymade On-line coaching service and comes free to you when you buy PitchVision –Coach Edition software.  You capture the data at the session, you review at your leisure, make your comments and then at the push of a button high-tech analysis arrives in each and every one of your player’s email inboxes, and is there for your players to look up on your Academy home page. 

It’s personal from you to them, it’s detailed and it builds up an impressive library of performance data for each player over time.  You can even use it to set your players homework drills between Coaching sessions and then see on line if they’ve a) done the practice b) how well they went doing it. 

If you’re interested in building your relationship with your players in this internet age then this is something you’ve got to check out.   Oh, and you don’t need to be technically minded – we’ve done all the tricky stuff for you.  All you do is fill in the details of your players and you have a direct, purposeful and valuable on-line link with them, this week, next week, this season, next season.  Easy! Whether you’re a solo coach or on a group of coaches in an established centre – its your instant On-Line Cricket Academy in a box!

PitchVision - Coach Edition: Screenshots

...and that’s PitchVision’s philosophy in a nutshell:  to make sports technology easy, mainstream and affordable to you. We passionately believe that if designed correctly there is no reason why it should not be just another item of ‘basic’ equipment that every Coach and player should expect and benefit from.   

Net sessions are dynamic: people come and go, switch nets spontaneously, leave to pad up, they stop and start. PitchVision does not require players to change the way they train. We’ve designed PitchVision to be relatively easy to set up, and once it’s set up it’s completely Plug-and-Play.  It’s unobtrusive – and importantly – it does not change the natural rhythm of training.

Once again, whether you work alone, for a Club, a School or for an Academy: PitchVision can provide you with the best value piece of coaching equipment you will ever have -as a Coach, as a Mentor and as a businessman in the Internet age.

A bit more on business benefits…
If you coach professionally then there is whole lot more to the product you should get to know about; for instance how the product can pay for itself almost immediately, and become a source of ongoing revenue, rather than just a piece of equipment you use and replace now and then.   If you’re interested in this aspect – or indeed have any questions at all about PitchVision-Coach Edition please get in touch; we’ll be only too happy to chat about the system and the opportunities it presents.

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Your Player's Performance data display instantly on your Laptop!

Your own On-Line Player Analysis & Feedback system!

From the Nets...

PitchVision Sensor Mats in the
nets capture each ball as your
students play

to your Laptop...

Data appears instantly on your
Laptop - Player's get instant feedback;
You get solid analysis data

to your Library...

Upload your data to your own
personal On-Line Library at
PitchVision Academy

Use the advanced analysis tools
on your laptop or on the web to
asses your players performance

to your Players...

Quickly and easily generate a
Report card for each player and email
it directly to them

Encourage your students to share
their report cards with their friends
- watch your team grow!