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PitchVision for Players

  PitchVision for Players  

  • A visual training system - sensor mats capture data and deliver for graphic analysis and reconstruction of bowlers delivery process and batsman respons.
  • Designed for all levels of cricketer, in groups or alone. Automatic player ID options available
  • Is easy to use, versatile and portable
  • Allows bowlers to play against software-simulated batsman and vice-versa
  • For training or "In-Net" run-chase games
  • Instant analysis, as well as an online library to store all your data
  • Combines sensor technology and mobile phones
  • Compatible with Mobile Phones and Bluetooth

Every where you go, every time you play:
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Q. What is Shane Warne's preferred bowling speed?
A. After studying his performances with his coach, Warne identified that he bowls best when his stock deliveries come through at 48mph. This is his target speed.


Q. Besides bat and ball, what's the other essential piece of equipment everyone brings to traning these days?
A. A Mobile Phone.


what's this go to do with you? Well...


Here's the issue


How fast do you Bowl? Or more specifically, how fast (or slow) do you bowl when you're bowling really well? Are you bowling faster today then average, if your line better or worse? How often do you actually land your stock ball or your wicket ball? How often and how quickly do you hit line and length - and are you improving or not?


And when you Bat at training - are you sure you are constantly getting to the pitch of the ball, do you know whether your shots would have pierced the field of simply been caught? What is the pattern of shots that seem to get you in trouble? Are you getting value for your shots?


In fact there's any one of 100 aspects of your batting or bowling you might like to keep track of if you could. Maybe its your own "ball of the century", maybe it's about identifying trends in your performance. The problem is that most of us nevery really ge to See what we We can do.


Here's the good news


Most cricketers will be familiar with the ball by ball analysis provided in television broadcasts - delivery trajectories, wagon wheel of shots etc - but until now there had been no practical manner for making this kind of technology available to the everyday player, club of school. Our research has identified that the single biggest frustration of the average cricketer is not lack of facilities, time or cost. It's simply the lack of feedback and coaching you get.




miSport (mobile, interactive sport) have developed a new system where each delivery is automatically tracked from the tiem of release, through to its bounce & on to the batsman or wicket keeper. The data are then transferred to PitchVision-Mobile software which generates instant summaries of the delivery directly to your Mobile Phone then and there as you play.




PitchVision automatically identifies each batsman & bowler and Players and Coached receive instant, ball by ball analysis of their performance - examining any combination of line, length, bounce, deviation, speed, stroke selection & footwork (even playing against a simulated field setting) - assessing performance across an entire session, between sessions or according to any other preset targets desired. All a player needs to do is to bring their mobile phone to training, lay it down where they can see it & play.



Apart from the range of instant reports, PitchVision allows team members to share data with each other & finally at the end of the session, transfer their data back to a central 'library' where a fantastic range of additional 'in-depth' analytical tools are available. It's not all serious; PitchVision also lets you play 'In-Net' games - run chases etc against your mates. The bowler sets his 'simulated' field setting and the batsman can only score by picking the gaps or going over the top - but be careful: PitchVision calculates the exact trajectory of the shot, and aiborne shots can be caught. 24 balls to go, 30 runs needed, 3 wickets in hand... sounds like a good finish to us.


As easy as setting up stumps....


PitchVision is geared to players of all standards; the key principle is 'each of use'. PitchVision-Mobile is portable & priced as a basic item of equipment, used with any kind of bat or ball requires no cameras, cables or other special equipment. All you need is the Software downloaded directly to your mobile phone - just as your would download a ring-tome: a few minutes set up and you are away.

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Your own performance data displayed instantly on your own Mobile Phone!

Your own On-Line Delivery Library & On-Line Analysis Tools!

From the Nets...

PitchVision Sensor Mats in the nets
capture each ball as you play

to your Mobile...
The Data is sent straight to your Mobile Phone - Get instant feedback as you play and
review it all the way home!

to the Website...

Upload your data to your own personal
On-Line Library at PitchVision Academy


The use the advanced On-Line analysis
tools to review every ball your bowled,
every delivery you faced.

to your Coach...

Share your traning data with your
Coach or send it to PitchVision-miCoach
for On-Line Coaching.

Email your friends with your latest Stats - show them how it's done!