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  PitchVision for Sports Centres  

  • A visual training system - sensor mats capture data and deliver for graphic analysis and reconstruction of bowlers delivery process and batsman respons.
  • Designed for all levels of cricketer, in groups or alone. Automatic player ID options available
  • Is easy to use, versatile and portable
  • Allowes bowlers to pay agains software-simulated batsman and vice-versa
  • For training or "In-Net" run-chase games
  • Instant analysis, as well as an online library to store all your data
  • Combines sensor technology and mobile phones
  • Compatible with Mobile Phones and Bluetooth

Every where you go, every time you play:
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Player Survey
PitchVision - Coach Edition
PitchVision - Mobile
PitchVision for Sports Centres
PitchVision for Cricket Clubs & Schools
miSport is a sports-technology company established in 2005 with a vision to make player performance statistics and feedback easily available to the average player. Our product is called “PitchVision”

PitchVision is an unobtrusive, easy to use performance tracking system for use in traditional Cricket, Indoor-Cricket, and soon for Tennis, Indoor Golf, and many other sports activities. PitchVision provides a range of instant statistics and feedback for each individual as their game/training session progresses, and stores all this data in an on-line ‘Player Library’ for the player to either take home with them (as a print out), or to refer to again, and perform in-depth analysis on-line via the sport’s centre’s website.

PitchVision - Coach Edition: The Ultimate Cricket training tool.

Commercial Package
miSport see the modern day Sports Centre as key to bringing sports technology into mainstream leisure and training activities. Accordingly we have developed a highly attractive product and commercial package that not only enhances your customer experience; it also provides excellent return on investment.
PitchVision-SC is much more than just an interactive sports system; it integrates directly into your membership and pricing models, driving multiple new revenue streams, and enables your Centre to develop range of opportunities in flexible pricing, expanded services and membership structures – all designed to maximise your floorspace utilisation and customer loyalty.

PitchVision - Coach Edition: Screenshots

Set up / Take Down
The system may be installed as a semi-permanent structure or in a portable “set up-take down” assembly that takes only matter of minutes to prepare. Neither arrangement requires any significant changes to the existing Centre infrastructure- indeed in many cases the system can be integrated directly into the existing playing areas as a permanent fixture if desired.

PitchVision Sensors

PitchVision is designed to be a ‘modular’ product – that is, it can operate in a range of configurations- from the very basic to the very complex. The more sensors you deploy, the more the data gathered becomes more complete, and the feedback and analysis more accurate. The sensor set-up can therefore be customised to the needs of the individual centre- with the centre taking only those features it feels will really add value in its particular setting, and not be burdened by the cost of features that may work better elsewhere.

PitchVision Sensors

Whenever required miSport will also provide system support and education programmes where managers and other centre staff are given the comprehensive training in using the system and maximising the life of equipment. Custom installation services will also be available on request.

The PitchVision Sensor systems start at GBP£2,200/ AUD,500, with prices largely dependent on the range of features sought or any additional customisation the centre would like to have added. The system is sufficiently flexible that once a basic system is installed, additional sensors can be added at any time, and that sensors can be used in a variety of combinations or moved from net to net as the demand requires without duplicating costs (ie further costs would be incremental). Much of this investment is significantly offset by miSport’s generous licence sales incentives


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PitchVision creates

  • A clear differentiation feature, establish a unique competitive advantage over alternative cricket training venues. (initial survey results suggest that over 80% of players would use the availability of PitchVision to decide which venue to train in)
  • The ability to charge a premium rate for “PitchVision enabled” net sessions (initial survey results suggest players are willing to pay up to 25% more for such a feature)
  • Ability to train in smaller numbers or allow players to play ‘by the ball’ mean that nets need never be vacant. With improved feedback there is still an incentive for players to turn up and play/pay even when there are small numbers or drop-outs.
  • Ability to develop a ‘tied-customer base’: By storing performance data, customers will need to return to compare or improve results. The desire to move to alternative venues, even for one session will be reduced
  • miSport also provides attractive ‘Group’ licences that allow ‘guests’ to participate on a quick, spontaneous manner without an elaborate ‘sign-up’ processes.


From the Nets...

PitchVision Sensor Mats in the
nets capture each ball as your
students play


to your Laptop...

Data appears instantly on your
Laptop - Player's get instant feedback;
You get solid analysis data


to your Library...

Upload your data to your own
personal On-Line Library at
PitchVision Academy

Use the advanced analysis tools
on your laptop or on the web to
asses your players performance


to your Players...

Quickly and easily generate a
Report card for each player and email
it directly to them


Encourage your students to share
their report cards with their friends
- watch your team grow!