Adrian Shaw reveals the secrets of 20 years of first-class experience | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Adrian Shaw reveals the secrets of 20 years of first-class experience

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Former first-class cricketer Adrian Shaw is passing on the benefits of his experience to PitchVision Academy members.

Shaw is the latest coach to join the PitchVision Academy panel of cricketing experts with a brand new online coaching course called "The Game Plan: How to Build a Winning Cricket Team".

And there is nobody better qualified to help you develop your team into a well drilled unit. Shaw has played, captained and coached for over 20 years. He has played in teams with enormous success (including the County Championship with Glamorgan) and learned exactly what works and what doesn't.

With the benefit of this knowledge he has produced an online coaching course that covers the proven methods to:

  • Develop teamwork
  • Get more runs
  • Have better bowling plans
  • Improve fielding standard

As Director of Cricket at the recreational club Neath CC, Shaw has adapted his first-class methods to the unique challenges of the non-professional game too.

So no matter if your team is the most social pub side or a serious club team looking to get closer to the first class game, The Game Plan is the course to learn Shaw's methods.

To purchase The Game Plan: How to Build a Winning Cricket Team click here.

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