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“Am I bovvered?” How to beat your own laziness once and for all

Do you often make big plans to improve your game only to find yourself acting like Catherine Tate's Lauren?

I found myself there this morning.

I felt like I had no energy as I headed to the gym and after warming up my first couple of sets were way below par. I gave in and headed for the shower after about 20 minutes instead of my usual hour.

What was causing this lethargy?

In my case I think life had got on top of me. I felt like going to the gym was a chore and my heart wasn't in it. I'm sure you have felt something similar at times. How can we beat laziness to become better cricketers?

New habit or boring old routine?

The first question is: Are you struggling with a new habit or has something got boring in your current routine?

If it's a new habit it's only natural to resist at first. You can cut this resistance by involving others in your plan. It's much harder to skip the gym, for example, if someone is waiting for you. If you are just fed up try switching things around or even taking some time off.

In my case I try to train pretty hard and a week off now and again does me the world of good. I also change my workout routine every 6 weeks or so.

Do you need to look elsewhere?

Either way it's also important to look after the rest of your life. If you are not getting enough sleep for example you should expect to be tired. If your work or home life is stressing you out no wonder you can't get motivated for cricket.

If you are really struggling to get where you want, try taking a step back and looking at the big picture. It might show you something you missed.

I think in my case it was a simple matter of being a bit run down. Please no sympathy I'll brave it out!

Whatever your reason is, if you really want to avoid becoming Laren then work it out before it's too late and you give in altogether.

When are you at your weakest?


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