Sedgars Sport Hashim Amla Academy Brings PowerPlay to Durban | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Sedgars Sport Hashim Amla Academy Brings PowerPlay to Durban

Durban cricket lovers are finally getting the chance to enjoy PitchVision PowerPlay, thanks to Sedgars Sport Hashim Amla Academy.

The South African cricket superstar has teamed his Academy (Sedgars Sport Hashim Amla Academy) with PitchVision to open the latest PowerPlay cricket entertainment venue at Motion Inc. Sports situated in the basement at Westwood Shopping Centre in Durban.

Shoppers can experience the thrill of facing world-class bowlers on the PowerPlay video screen. They can challenge their friends to find out who can make the most runs in a quick, fun and exciting game. PitchVision technology sits behind the fun, allowing budding cricketers the chance to face bowlers on the video screen bowling a real ball that can be hit for six!

It’s a coming together of a wonderful cricketer, awesome technology and brilliant fun.

Have a game at Sedgars Sport Hashim Amla Academy, Motion Inc. Sport, Basement of Westwood Shopping Centre.

For more info contact 031 829 9687 or 083 786 1115

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