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Android and iOS Pick: BATEX Batting App

Cricket is getting smarter than ever.

Smart-phones are tiny computers in your pocket. Tablets are full powered computers in your bag. Smart-nets are popping up everywhere.


And now there is a new way to use your smart-phone to improve your batting. Launching this week, the tagline of this new batting app for iPhone and Android is "not just another net". For me there's no doubt that BATEX certainly does add a new dimension to practice.

It does this by audio commentary that takes you through a simulated one-day hundred in the nets.

The batsman hears the app, plays an appropriate shot then runs the runs. As you know, one of the big problems of nets is that it doesn't reflect the running demands of a match situation. You stand and hit balls. By adding a running element you instantly make nets more like different situations in matches (opening, death batting, etc.) and improve your ability to score runs in games.

I have been using the non-app version it with PitchVision Academy's coaching for a while. I can only report good things from my experiences. I also now have the app on my HTC One phone and can't wait to try it now it is easier to use than ever.

If you are a coach or player who wants to improve nets, you can get BATEX here.

Using Nets to Score Daddy Hundred

If you are a follower of PitchVision Academy for more than about 30 seconds, you will realise that I am on a lifelong campaign to make practice better. BATEX is a fun and simple way to do this by simply downloading an app to your phone. It fits the PitchVision Academy manifesto to perfection.

But as it's a topic I have discussed in great detail before, I'll just ask you to click here to read my tips on coaching players to huge - or "daddy" - scores.

BATEX is our first official app recommendation. We are picky when it comes to coaching, but with nets, phones and computers getting smarter, it's time you got this app and made your cricket a little smarter too.

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Great app.BATEX is an awesome method for testing a players concentration and skill.It breaks an innings down and by the end you have worked some way or another to 100.It's extraordinary for your fitness and extremely pleasant for a wide range of cricketer.Have a good day.@John Walker.