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Are you a Boycott or a Botham?

Is it true that cricketers are either a Boycott or a Botham?

It's often said to be the case that you are either cautious in nature and play safe (Boycott) or flamboyant and risky (Botham).

In fact, I have found that good players can operate using both philosophies depending on the game situation. Even Boycott could attack when he felt it needed (which wasn't very often).

How to switch between attack and defence

Switching approach is a matter of knowing which state of mind you are in at the time and calculating the risks and benefits. To do this, your tactical awareness needs to be second to none. So read up on the game, get advice from more experienced players and keep PitchVision Academy close to hand.

When playing (even when you are waiting to bat) you should be constantly thinking about the game, for example:

  • Is the team in trouble needing a more defensive approach?
  • Do you need quick runs to get back into the chase?
  • How can you bowl to certain batsmen to control run rate or take wickets?

You also need to be able to stop yourself from the wrong approach. The stop technique is an excellent way to keep yourself in check while you are working out what tactic is best for you.

Finally, you need to develop the confidence in your own ability to play well using either approach. Many players stick to one way because they don't know if they can play with any other approach. Don't let fear hold you back like that. Once you have decided on a plan you know you can perform, go with it.

Combine these three elements well and you can take the best approaches from both players to improve your game.

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