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Are you teaching yourself to fail?

How quickly do you give up the cause on the cricket pitch?

For some, no matter what level they are playing, the very idea of giving up is impossible to conceive. At the other end, there are many who throw up their hands at the first sign of team or individual failure. The latter approach may be more natural but it teaches you nothing but how to fail more often.

As SquatRX pointed out recently:

"For those who cannot separate performance from outcome, repeated failure... becomes internalized, eroding self-esteem and leading to a state of learned helplessness."

You may instinctively have a way of dealing with negatives as they enter your mind. If you do you are lucky. For most, bad results on the pitch lead to negative thinking which leads to more bad results.

Failure breeding failure.

The tips Boris uses work well for cricketers too: Use a range of training and coaching methods (like practice matches as well as nets), ignore negative thinking and plan goals you can control.

Simple stuff that is easy to implement and is proven to have a direct impact on your game.

Remember cricket is 80% mental. Give yourself mental nets as well as normal ones.

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