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Got a cricket query or problem that you have to know the answer to? PitchVision Academy is here to help (for free). We have spent many years building up a database of knowledge and contacts.

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  • UK  +44 (0) 208 816 7691
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We can answer questions on:

  • Technique*
  • Strength/Power/Speed Training
  • Endurance/Work Capacity Training
  • Planning
  • Weight Loss/Body Composition for Cricketers
  • Sport Nutrition
  • Mobility/Flexibility Training
  • Injury Prevention/Prehabilitation
  • Physical Therapy
  • Motivation/Attitude
  • Self Confidence
  • Club Cricket Tactics
  • Leadership/Captaincy
  • Coaching Drills
  • Club Coaching Techniques (6 years old up to adult)

Or anything else related to helping you (or others) improve. Simply fill in the form below:

* Please note: if your question is to do with a technical issue a good quality video from at least 2 anglesis useful.

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