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Berkhamstead Cricket Club's Riaz Richards Talks Cricket Development

Developing your cricket club is a constant battle.


Players come and go, kids come through while seniors head off into retirement. Life in cricket is always in flux. How do you manage it?

Riaz Richards is Head Coach of one such club in the UK: Berkhamstead. The club have five senior teams and over 300 junior cricketers. There is a lot going on! The club have also been in the PitchVision family for a while, using the ball tracking technology to boost their side.

Riaz spoke to PitchVision about some of the way he keeps development flowing to make sure the cricket club remain in such a strong position for many years to come.

Inspiring cricket

Riaz was quick to talk about his role in inspiring players.

Inspiration motivates people to keep coming back, and keep developing. It's something he saw when he was around the teams Bob Woolmer coached. Woolmer was famous for innovating and creating new challenges for players, which Riaz saw first hand.

Riaz uses these his own version of these methods to inspire at Berkhamstead. Using PitchVision technology he closes the gap between elite players and club cricketers. he talked about how he uses the video replays as a way of having DRS in the nets to get more pro, and also solve those age old arguments at practice!

He also talked about the power of using video in coaching to help people learn more quickly. Everyone loves to be on TV, but also being able to see what happened and think through how to solve the problem is a great way for youngsters to move forward quickly, perform better and gain motivation.

Even for the senior guys, he finds a use in PitchVision to help them develop game plans around their own techniques. The ball tracking allows bowlers, for example, to see how batsmen respond to different lengths and adjust accordingly.

Naturally, none of these things are any use without creative, inspiring coaching to back it all up. That's where Berkhamstead are lucky to have Riaz, who is taking the mantra of Woolmer forward in his own way too.

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