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Swing bowling is the hardest skill in cricket to master because there are so many variables. But Nathan Bracken not only mastered swing, he translated them to the modern game.

Now through Swing Bowling Masterclass, he is teaching those skills to the next generation and keeping the art alive.

Bracken is famous for his skills as a limited over bowler. He swings the ball in both directions, keeps it tight when under attack and takes wickets at the death with powerful variations.

He reached the World #1 ODI bowler in 2008 with his blueprint for modern limited over bowling: A blueprint that can be mentored into fast bowlers young and old.

It's the blend of technical skill, mental toughness and tactical adaptability that make up Swing Bowling Masterclass, the streaming video based online coaching course from Nathan Bracken.

It's very rare that a top level player is prepared to let out his secrets. Mostly the elite thinking stays within the professional game. That leaves amateur coaches unable to pass on the knowledge, which slows player development. However, in over an hour of interactive streaming video, Bracken talks in detail about the art of becoming a fast bowler with panache alongside brute force.

It's an unmissable insight for anyone who wants to become a cricketer or coach youngsters from the perspective of a top player.

Swing Bowling Masterclass offers a complete place to learn swing bowling skills. It has been designed to be used again and again, yet is structured in a way that leaves the dry textbook behind and lets you into the story of Bracken's development from a backyard cricketers to a full International.

The courses include:

  • Technical tips for generating the most swing in all conditions.
  • How to take wickets at any stage of a match, even when you are under extreme pressure
  • Drills to bowl variations reliably and at the right time
  • Simple ways to plan your development and training
  • How to bounce back from failure

Unlike a traditional coaching manual or DVD, you can interact with others on the course, take on the advice and video tips and apply them immediately by using the included personalised worksheets.

Whether your goal is to become a professional cricketer or coach talented young bowlers, Swing Bowling Masterclass is the online coaching course that you can't miss.

The course is available on May 9th. To get an exclusive preview, and to be the first to hear when the course is available, enter your email details into the box on the left.

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Course Release Date - 27 January 2012