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Circuit training for cricket

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Circuits are a method of training that are used by many cricketers. You can read more about the methods behind this popular variation here.

But is circuit training a better way to train than the 'set and rep' strength training method combined with running?

Benefits of cricket circuit training

  • Efficiency. Circuits train your body in three ways at once (strength, conditioning and mobility) so it is very time efficient.
  • Flexiblility. You can customise the exercises in a circuit to match the location and equipment available.
  • Focus. You can adjust a circuit to focus on a particular type of fitness. For example, you can combine it with plyometrics to improve power and sprint speed.

Costs of cricket circuit training

  • Less effective. Circuits combine training elements so they are not as efficient compared to training each part separately.


Circuits are a great way for club cricketers to train, especially if they have little time. However, it's more effective and specific to keep your fitness training separate. So the final decision must be a personal one. You could even use both for variety to stay motivated as part of a periodised approach to your cricket fitness.

I'll post some sample cricket circuits soon, so subscribe for free to get the workouts. If you have a circuit you use yourself and want to share it with the world, please get in touch.

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[...] Cricket and circuit training are a good fit, especially for amateur players with less time on their hands to train. This is because circuits develop strength, mobility and stamina at the same time. [...]

[...] General metabolic work (such as interval runs, swimming or circuit training) [...]

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