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Coach of the Month: Tom Scollay

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After a meteoric rise in the coaching world and a clear philosophy, Tom Scollay has taken out the prestigious PitchVision Coach of the Month Award for March 2017.

Tom, Head of the coaching organisation “Cricket Mentoring”, in the Australia, stood out to the Coach of the Year Panel. He is a former county cricketer who moved into coaching, but unlike many he didn't just settle for the traditional way. Perhaps it's because he grew up in Alice Spings, Australia where no professional team plays. You need to work hard and smart to get your break.

But hard working Tom was.

He moved to Perth to play grade cricket, and when he was 20 he went over to England to play league cricket. He worked hard, played well and got a chance to play for Middlesex, eventually playing as a professional cricketer for more than two summers. Through this time, Tom coached young players. However, his heart was still not fully committed to coaching.

Then something changed.

The more he helped people, the more he realised how personally rewarding it was to see them improve. He realised he didn't just want to teach players the basics and move on, he wanted to help them become better cricketers and better people. He wanted people to enjoy training and playing and learn skills in a fun environment rather than "go through the motions". Mentoring players was his future.

His first serious coaching gig soon followed in Perth. Then in 2016, he started Cricket Mentoring, his own coaching company. He was finally able to fully put his vision of developing complete players through his mentoring philosophy.

Tom firmly believes the best way to coach is to start with mindset: Open to learning new things and development over a "win first or fail" mentality. Not only does this help players, but it is more rewarding for coach.

It's absolutely certain that Tom is a mindful coach who is using his great skills to powerful effect. His coaching influences many and his mentoring is world-class.

PitchVision and the PV Coach of the Year Awards panel are delighted to announce Tom Scollay as PitchVision Coach of the Month.

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