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Coach of the Month: Jamie Watkins

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Jamie Watkins is Coach of the Month.

Jamie has been coaching at Taranaki Cricket in new Zealand for a decade. Through that time he has had a number of roles, but these days he spends his time overseeing the coaching programme.

Jamie cut his coaching teeth very early, coaching a junior team while he was still in school! He later coached overseas at Heriot’s Cricket Club in Edinburgh and realised he enjoyed the challenges coaching brings.

After completing the Level 3 qualification, Jamie began working at Taranaki CA, first with junior teams and onwards. His work now is mainly coaching with Central Districts A and Women’s teams, alongside planning an organisation. The challenge of the role is often logistical, with a wide area to cover meaning players don’t often get the chance to get together. Jamie works to create players who can work independently and in small groups, as well as communicate effectively.

This matches Jamie’s philosophy as a coach. He aims to coach people as individuals and help them work out their unique styles. Often by stepping back and helping with areas beyond cricket. With his overseeing hat on, he also ensures these messages are consistent through the coaching programme, even when separated by great distances.

Jamie is a coach who is people-focused and creates amazing environments. He is a worth winner of Coach of the Month.

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