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What Cricket Academy in Karnataka Should You Choose?

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Talented young cricket players demand the best. In Karnataka, you don’t have to look far for incredible facilities.

Here’s a guide to the best Academies in Karnataka.


Karnataka Institute of Cricket

KIOC is a busy place, operating five session a day. Senior state cricketers regularly use the facility for specific training. Meanwhile group sessions and one-to-one coaching goes on all day and into the night under floodlights.

All the training programmes are carefully designed for elite performance. The latest tools for monitoring and assessment are on hand, including PitchVision’s ball tracking and video analysis and six bowling machines.

Alongside this, fitness trainers, a physiotherapist and passionate coaching staff offer the best experience for any student who wants to be a cricketer.

Jain University

Jain University has a pedigree of producing fine cricketers: Robin Uthappa, Manish Pandey and Varun Aaron are just a few examples. Exceptional talents emerge as winning performers.

It’s no surprise considering the facilities. The University has an international standard cricket ground with five strips of turf wicket. Ten practice pitches are also available. Jain University is the first university in India to deploy the top version of PV/ONE ball tracking and video analysis at the cricket academy.

Anand Cricket Academy

Anand Cricket Academy is one of the best renowned cricket academies in Belgaum.

Anand Kardi, the chief coach, is on a mission to provide the best coaching facilities. He has deployed PitchVision to provide elite level cricket analysis to its players. He is able to provide instant performance feedback and is using PV/ONE to enhance the performance of the players in the academy.

If you are a talented cricket player, take the time to find out about these academies and boost your game with the latest technology and world-class coaching.

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