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4 Angles: The Ultimate One-to-One Technical Session to Develop Batting Technique [1002.101.010.002]


PitchVision batting coach Gary Palmer has been causing a stir.

After years of experimenting and developing he has come up with the ultimate batting session.

A batting session that is so effective and so complete he has been showing it to open-mouthed coaches at several first-class counties.

It revoultionises batting practice by automatically unlocking the code perfect technique. Revolutionary because it teaches you to bat in a way that has never been taught before.

Gary calls it 4 Angles, and it’s the only session you will ever need as a coach or a player.

Why 4 Angles works

Batting can be boiled down to a simple ABC method; alignment, balance and completion of shot.

To be consistent as a batter, these key elements of batting need to be constantly addressed within a batting technique.

4 Angles is a systematic and innovative session designed for all ages and levels of players. It’s been designed and tested by Gary Palmer to progressively develop your ABC’s through the position and swing of a bowling machine.

By doing this your technique becomes ingrained far more quickly than just facing bowlers from one, or two angles of attack.

You are equipped to survive high class spells of bowling early on in your innings and thrive when you get set.

Using different angles the batsman is challenged to:
  • Construct a solid technical base because the closer to perfection you are, the more versatile you are.
  • Fine tune a well-established technique against good quality bowling
  • Monitors and maintains technique to stop bad habits forming
  • Adds pressure to technical work for advanced players
  • Identify and, with good coaching, correct good technique
  • Add natural flair

Unlike a typical technical session, 4 Angles lets you face all angles and swing/spin types. You are forced to adapt to every possible type of bowling and you will be more effective. 

The session is a simple way to improve the way you play swing and spin bowling simply, naturally and effectively.

Gary has improved the technique of dozens of players over the last few years while fine-tuning it at his Academy sessions. It's simple, proven to work and makes an almost instant difference to everyone who tries just one session.

Imagine what a whole year of 4 Angles practice will do to your game. With your technique in order you can just bat, score runs and acheive success.

What Is 4 Angles?
So what is the magic sequence?
All is revealed in the online presentation videos below. Nothing has been left out. This is the complete end-to-end solution to your batting worries.  All you need to do is follow the step-by-step guide and watch the magic happen.
It's designed to be easy to view so you can put the method into effect at your very next session. You will see improvements right away and before you know it, runs are flowing in the middle. With technique in order, your mind is free to just watch the ball and score runs against even very good bowling.

To get your hands on the secret method instantly, all you need to do is click the buy button. The sequence is simple enough to start using at your next session.



Please note: this is an online course where the online presentations and videos available instantly online. There is no physical product to be delivered so you get instant unlimited access.

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Chapter 1 - Introduction
Gary Palmer explains the reasons behind the method and teaches you the new rules of batting technique


 Watch this online video to understand how and why the system is so effective for all types of batsman.

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Chapter 2 - Angles and Swings
Find out the essential angles, swings and drills that make up a session

Angle 1

This online video presention teaches you the first angle in the series, including drills and progressions.

Angle 2

  This online video presention teaches you the second angle in the series, including drills and progressions.

Angle 3

  This online video presention teaches you the third angle in the series, including drills and progressions.

Angle 4

  This online video presention teaches you the final, most dificult, angle in the series, including drills and progressions.

All Angles/Tactics

 If the first 4 parts are about technique, the final part of the session focuses on player self-assessment and tactical awareness. This online video also has an interview with the player post-session.

4 Angles Quick Guide (Printable)

 Download and print this quick guide to 4 Angles.

4 Angles Body and Foot Positioning Cheat Sheet (printable)

 Download and print this quick guide to the best alignment and balance for each of the 4 angles.

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Chapter 3 - Additional Information
Gary Palmer goes into more practical detail about how to use the system

Gary Palmer Interview

In this wide-ranging interactive video interview, Gary Palmer fills in the gaps of the system and answers questions on:

  • How important is technical perfection?
  • How to fit nets and middle practice into the system
  • What is the biggest mistakes coaches make?
  • Can you practice improvising with the system?
  • What do you think of the Sidearm and bowling machines?
  • How much time does the system need?
  • Can the system adapt to different styles of batter?
  • How important is instant feedback in coaching?
  • How do you coach the basics?
  • What are the main technical errors that the system corrects?
  • What is good coaching?
  • How do you develop mental strength with the system?
  • When is the best time to use the system?
  • How do you adapt the system to squad sessions?
  • Can you lose technique?

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Chapter 4 - Archive: 4 Angles Outline Presentation
This presentation has been superceded. It remains here for reference only.

4 Angles Outline Presentation

This presentation demonstrates the 4 angles to use, and why you need to use them to construct perfect batting technique every time.

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