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Advanced Leg Spin Tips [2006.101.023.003]

How to go from good to first-class... to world-class

Discover the methods used by leg spinners at the highest level

By Muhammed Haroon, professional leg spin bowler and coach

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be Shane Warne at his peak, or Abul Quadir? Have you thought how wonderful it would be to know how to bowl in ways that tie batsman in knots?

Those great bowlers could do it because they understood the key to being a high class leg spinner; the difference between ‘how’ and ‘when’.

Many leg spinners know how to bowl leg breaks, googlies and flippers. They are good players and will always do well at club and school level. Some of those spinners are accurate enough to offer control as well as wickets.  

If you are reading this you are at that stage yourself. You should be proud, although pride in past success is useless if your future has stalled.

Everything until this point is worthless unless you learn when to unleash your skills.

When you are able to read the clues you become a leg spin detective. You work out exactly what is happening one step ahead of the batsman. You even out think your captain. You act decisively and claim the wicket.

Then another
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In every situation you feel confident of success because you know what to do. Wickets are merely a matter of time. Although you are a spinner, you are a strike bowler; you work your way through the best batting line ups. You winkle out the tail.

Your reputation grows and you can finally move from being a half-decent bowler to someone who can operate with ease in the professional game. You can dream of a real chance of international honours.

I know because I have played professional first-class cricket in Pakistan. I learned the hard way that it’s not enough to be accurate, or to have variations. I know from experience that to get high quality batsmen out you need to be an excellent thinker.

I came up with this online coaching course to help you to become an excellent thinker too.

On the course you will:
  • Learn little known ways to change how the ball is approaching the batsman from angle of attack to amount of loop.
  • Discover the keys to setting up a batsman for failure over several deliveries; like a hunter stalking his prey.
  • Attend the ‘University of Leg Spin’ by talking to other leg spinners and coaches who have gone through the same problems as you and lived to tell the tale.
  • Use action-based tasks to create your very own ‘how’ of getting batsman out easily.

It’s a huge leap to go from being a good player to being one who can make a living from the game. Using this course you can make that leap easy.

Click the green ‘buy’ button to enrol now.

Muhammed Haroon - Leg spin coach, former first-class spinner


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Chapter 1 - What Makes A World-Class Leg Spinner


Identify the key difference between a good club leg spinner and a first-class leg spinner.

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Chapter 2 - Using Angles to Upset the Batsman

Using Angles to Upset the Batsman

Define the different angles you can use to upset the batsman and match the different tactics to game scenarios.

How to Use Different Angles to Get More Wickets

Define the basics of bowling angles and how to apply  a change of angle to increase the chances of taking a wicket.

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Chapter 3 - How to Set Batsmen Up

Adapting Your Style and Tactics

Compare different methods of adapting your tactics to individual batsmen.

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Chapter 4 - Advanced Leg Spin Tactics

How to Bowl on a Bouncing, Turning Pitch


How to Bowl to the Tail


In-out Field for Leg Spin


How to Bowl to Batsmen Batting for the Draw


Advance Leg Spin Tactics Worksheet

Evaluate your ability to be an adaptable leg spinner by completing this worksheet.

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