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Batting Is a Serious Business, But It Doesn’t Mean you Can’t Have Fun While You Do It.

As a batsman, have you ever wished you knew what made the great players so great while you struggle against average bowlers?

Batting Lion is the answer to that question.

The online coaching Masterclass from the man called the Lion of Barbados: Desmond Haynes takes the knowledge of one of the greatest ever opening batsmen and passes it on to batsmen struggling and wondering just how ‘Dessie’ made it look so easy.

And all with a broad grin on his face, loving his cricket.

By following his advice, you can do exactly the same.

When you enrol on the course you can pick the brains of this world-class cricketer. Unlike a traditional coaching manual or DVD, you will interact, take on advice and video tips and apply them immediately by using the included personalised worksheets.

You will achieve far more learning this way.

And why wouldn’t you take the opportunity: Des Haynes became the part of the world’s most successful opening partnership by combining a serious approach to “batting like your mortgage depends on it” with an instinctive West Indian enjoyment of the game.

Let’s face it; you would love to be able to combine those traits because it means more runs, more success and more enjoyment.

With a Masterclass structure, Haynes throws away the coaching book and reveals the unorthodox methods that brought him orthodox success including:

  • The single trigger move that is no longer taught that lets you score runs against all types of bowling.
  • How and when to rotate the strike, even when you are frozen with nerves.
  • How batting benefits from a “mortgage” mentality.
  • The complete guide to the unique and legendary Desmond Haynes leave.
  • Getting over Viv and Gordon: How to be a good batsman even when you are overshadowed by even better players .
  • Why technique isn’t important (but why you should never bat without it)

Think about how much better your game will be after you complete the course. You will be armed with the experience and training methods that made Desmond Haynes so good. It will automatically put you ahead of your peers.

And that means making the most of your potential now and long into the future (the course gives you lifetime, unlimited access to all the resources so you can keep coming back to it as you move through the levels).


Please note: this is an online course where the videos, audio, articles and worksheets are all available instantly online. There is no physical product to be delivered so you get instant unlimited access.


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Chapter 1 - Technique
Quickly apply changes to your basic technique to make it world-class

In the Nets: World-Class Technique (Part 1)

Using the video guide, identify the key points of batting technique as outlined by Desmond Haynes in the following areas:

  • Grip
  • Guard and stance
  • Backlift
  • Trigger Move

In the Nets: World-Class Technique (Part 2)

Using the video guide, identify the key points of batting technique as outlined by Desmond Haynes in the following areas:

  • Balance
  • Leave
  • Defensive Play

Also define the key ways to play swing bowling, attack the short ball when to work on technique and how to play yorkers.

Technique Worksheet

Download, print and complete this worksheet that allows you to apply the methods you have learned to your own game.

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Chapter 2 - Mental Game
Identify the important link between mind and performance in this section.

Mental Game Videos

Analyse the mental aspects of batting that are holding you back, including:

  • Building Partnership Roles
  • Fear of Failure
  • Attitudes and Styles of Training
  • Picking Line and Length Early
  • Pre-Game Routines

Mental Game Worksheet

Download, print and complete this worksheet to apply the mental techniques and tricks to your own game.

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Chapter 3 - Batting Tactics
Construct a personalised tactical system for your batting that works in any situation

Batting Tactics Videos

Match these video tips to your own tactical plan. Includes:

  • Playing Fast Bowling
  • One Day Powerplays
  • Playing Medium Pace
  • Playing Spin
  • Opening the Batting
  • Running Between the Wickets

Batting Tactics Worksheet

Download, print and complete this worksheet that allows you to plan your tactics and practice with those individual tactics in mind.

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Chapter 4 - Batting Drills
Use these simple, effective drills to hone your technique

In the Nets: Batting Drills

Select the best drills for grooving batting techniques for the following shots:

  • Pull
  • Pull (Over the Top)
  • Back Foot Drives
  • Front Foot Drives
  • Cut
  • Sweep
  • Reverse Sweep


Bonus Drills

Watch these bonus drills explained on:

  • Improving Timing
  • Learning How to Pick Up Line and Length

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Chapter 5 - Batting Lion: The Desmond Haynes Masterclass (eBook)
Get the entire course as a downloadable coaching manual

Batting Lion: The Desmond Haynes Masterclass (eBook)

Download, print and read the entire course in this 41 page, 7,400 word eBook with colour photographs.

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