Build Confidence With Solid Defensive Technique and Tactics | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips
Build Confidence With Solid Defensive Technique and Tactics [1002.401.010.001]

By Gary Palmer, PitchVision Academy Batting Coach

Imagine facing a fast bowler on a quick pitch. Chances are there will be slips, gullies and short legs waiting to catch out the smallest mistake. How much would you need the confidence of a sound defence?

This course gives you the drills and tactics to build up confidence in your defence, even against the most hostile pacemen.

But it's not only about confidence. On this course you will also learn:

  • The different ways to align your bat and body depending on the line of the ball
  • A tactical game to teach you how to play straight in defence and work the strike in one day games
  • Detailed analysis and discussion of each shot, front and back foot
  • Exclusive drills that are adaptable from any level from beginner to professional cricketer

This course also features lifetime access to an exclusive 24/7 support forum. Here you can interact with other batters all over the world also trying to improve their batting. Your questions will be answered any time by me or my highly experienced assistant coaches.

The drills and methods in this course are the ones I use every day with the professionals I coach. They are unique to me and not available anywhere else online. Follow my progressions and, like the players I have coached to the top, you can see your average go through the roof.

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Chapter 1 - Defensive shots
All the videos in this chapter feature a step-by-step breakdown of the shot, including a slow motion analysis of the shot and a detailed discussion of the main technical points you need.

Back foot leave

Front foot leave

Back foot defence (off stump)

Front foot defence (off stump)

Back foot defence (middle stump)

Front foot defence (middle stump)

Back foot defence (leg stump)

Front foot defence (leg stump)

Back foot leg glance

Front foot leg glance

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Chapter 2 - Back foot defence drills and tactics
Learn these safe, simple and effective drills to improve position and reactions against the short of a length ball.

Drills to build the back foot defence
Use these drills to build a beginners defence or shape a more advanced players technique (4m 43s).

Drills to build confidence on the back foot against quick bowling
These 'rapid fire' drills and their progressions teach you how to play the rising ball well (3m 49s).

A simple drill to prevent getting too closed off on the back foot
A common fault with all level players is not keeping their body open enough to play the ball with the bat. This drill corrects that issue (2m 45s).

Drills to improve foot position on back foot shots
These drills show you how to stop backing away from the shorter ball. The video also includes a tactical game to develop game awareness with good technique (4m 52s).

Back foot tactical game
A customisable game we use with all level players from professional to beginner.
Back foot tactical game - defending fast and short bowling
This drill progresses the tactical game to simulate playing fast and short bowling with solid defence.

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Chapter 3 - Front foot defence drills and tactics
Front foot defence drills

Drills to construct the forward defence
Use these drills to build a beginners defence or shape a more advanced players technique.The video also includes progressions from technique to tactical elements (6m 31s).

Exclusive Course Forum

Discuss batting with other course members here.