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Coach Education Seminar Now Available for Your Club

PitchVision Academy is now available to help your club, school, coaching association or Academy get the most from your players.

Are you providing the best possible coaching for your players based on the latest research into cricket coaching?

Do you wonder how to make the most of your resources to develop the next generation of players?

Are you making the best use of technology in your coaching?

With coaching never more challenging, it's time to get a fresh view of of the ever increasing complexities that go into coaching cricket. It used to be about technique and good old reliable drills. Now it's also about running an organisation efficiently, keeping up with new developments and giving your club the edge that brings success on the field.

Cricket Coaching Seminar

That's why PitchVision Academy delivers a seminar to clubs and Associations that provides practical and entertaining insights into the challenge of being a club who can produce a conveyor belt of cricketers to take wickets and score runs. PitchVision Academy is recognised as an authoritative voice on how to help amateur coaches and administrators filter effective coaching methods, proven ways to structure the club for success and, yes, good old fashioned drills that work.

If you are looking for a way to inspire your club into taking action, combined with practical nuts-and-bolts advice that you can put into action instantly, book a session now.

In his seminar, we will show you how to get the most from every player, every session and every summer:

  • The one term that will revolutionise how players perform.
  • Matching training to ability and attitude, from the pick up layer to the aspirational professional.
  • How to a coaching style that gives players the best chance of learning.
  • Bonding players together into a tight unit.
  • Successful structures for clubs and coaching sessions.
  • Motivating players into an effective training culture.
  • How to develop a "support staff" in analysis, fitness, psychology and even nutrition; without paying a penny.

In addition, PitchVision Academy provides a practical coaching element by putting on a mini-session with your players to demonstrate some practical techniques in action.

The context is "mindful cricket" but the focus of this session is practical, with an emphasis on tips, tricks, and methods that give you a platform from which to start developing your club and get ahead in the league; starting this summer.

PS. Remember this LIVE coaching seminar at your chosen venue where you get direct coach education. None of this course online.

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Club Coach Seminar

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