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Finally: A Proven Coaching Template to Create High-Class Cricketers 

By Darren Talbot, Managing Director of Darren Talbot Cricket Coaching, founder committee member of the Surrey ECB Coaches Association and former Director of Youth Coaching at Cobham Avorians CC

Are you one of the many volunteer coaches of under 11 and under 12 cricket teams who’s not able to make the most of the young players in your setup through no fault of your own?

If I could show you a way to have fun and create better players to pass on up the age group chain, even under the pressures of club coaching, would you be willing to put it into action?

As an experienced coach at my club in Surrey, I know how frustrating it is being a club coach. Clearly, you have to do a lot with very little time and resources. You get a just handful of sessions with players of often wide ranging abilities in a summer.

That’s if it doesn’t rain!

Colts players typically get less than 20 hours of coaching a year. As you know, there is no guarantee that a healthy youth section will lead to a strong senior setup. Unless you make the most of every single minute with your players you will be relying on more luck than coaching skill.

Later on in this article I’ll show you how you can use skill instead.

I know you work hard to keep your team going. I know you have done your best to make your sessions fun while improving your player's skills. I know due to a lack of time you ave been frustrated by your inablity to plan. Sometimes you feel like a glorified babysitter.

That’s why you realise planning allows you and coaches in other age groups create a production line of passionate players for your senior elevens.

No luck required.

The Pain of Planning

I remember when I sat down to come up with a structured coaching plan for my club. My head was filled with buzzwords like ‘pathways’, ‘integration’ and ‘skill sets’ for hours.  I had no experience putting something like this together.  My Level 2 award had not prepared me for this. I tiredly rubbed my eyes and powered on.

Naturally, all I really wanted to do was get out in the sun and coach.

I can see you cringe, like I did, at the thought of sitting down and creating something because you don’t have the time. You end up following the example of one unnamed senior coach at a club I helped recently.

This coach called his style ‘motorway coaching’ because he would decide what he was going to do in his car. On the motorway. On the way to the ground.

Clearly, you recognise the last-minute nature of voluntary coaching and how things can get undirected.

With an excellent memory and encyclopaedic knowledge you may just get away with it yourself. But can you honestly say you have put in the hours coaching to do that? I know I didn't until I became a full time coach. It took all my energy just to get a team out every week and keep them engaged during an hour’s training.

It’s obvious why players emerge under-coached and with lost potential.

That’s exactly why you are thinking to yourself that you need a coaching plan.

How to Bring Out Talent

Things change dramatically when you put a plan into place.

Imagine being confident that every part of every player’s game is being developed in an outstanding way. You no longer need to rack your brains on the way to the ground for what to coach yourself.

You’ll relax over your pre-training cup of tea instead of frantically scribbling ideas.

As you have already realised, you know precisely where their players need to be when they move on to the next coach at the next age-group.

Even if you are keen but under-qualified and under-experienced you know your coaching is part of a seamless pathway from total beginner to accomplished cricketer.

And of course, your players are highly motivated because they are achieving challenging but realistic goals that are exactly tailored to cricketers in your age group. That’s not to mention the amazing boost in results they will see when they come up against lesser-prepared opposition.

The more you think about it, the more you realise that the best way to get results is to get a plan.

Download the Ready-Made Plan Now

When you buy the Darren Talbot Club Cricket Award you get exactly the plan you need.

I have used my experience in developing and testing plans for my club and many like it to take the pain away from you.  

Clearly, the plan is a proven structured coaching pathway for your age group. All you have to do is download it. It’s instant access so you will be able to act on the advice today when you invest.

The more you think about it, the more you realise The Club Cricket Award is a no-brainer: A huge time and stress saver. You don’t want to be without it.

The plan includes:
  • A pre-prepared coaching plan for your age-group.
  • Measurable minimum standards that can be used for end-of-season awards to developing players.
  • Easy-to-follow guidelines for you and all coaches in a club to follow.
  • Simple tricks to put the plan into action as fast as your next coaching session.
  • Coaching games and drills that accelerate learning in a fun environment.
  • Ways to adapt every drill to your specific needs.

I’m sure you are sitting there thinking of even more ways you use the Club Cricket Award to leave a lasting legacy.

Earlier on I asked if you were prepared to put my advice into action if I could show you how to have fun and create better players. Since you are still reading, I’m going to assume you agreed. Well now I have shown you how the Club Cricket Award can deliver on that promise, it’s time for you to act.

The details are all available for instant download to save even more time and hassle. To get instant access click the green “buy” button now to order via the secure server.


Darren Talbot
Managing Director, Darren Talbot Cricket Coaching  
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Chapter 1 - Club Cricket Award
Download the Club Cricket Award and start improving your planning instantly.

Club Cricket Award (Under 11 & Under 12 Age Groups)

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12 Week Training Programme

Download this 12 week training programme for young cricketers from under-11 to under-12.

Coaching Games

Download this document that contains 22 different coaching games to keep your sessions fresh.

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Chapter 2 - Club Cricket Award Support Materials
Get the CCA audio and eBook here.

How to Use the Club Cricket Award to Create High Class Cricketers (audio)

Download and listen to this 43 minute audio discussion on how to use the Club Cricket Award. Includes information on:

  • Why the CCA is critical to success.
  • How to plan sessions in summer or winter.
  • Definitions of different coaching methods and analysis of which work best alongside the CCA.
  • Several example drills and games and how to use them to develop cricketers.
You can listen to the audio on any computer, iPod or mp3 player.

How to Use the Club Cricket Award to Create High Class Cricketers (eBook)

Download this 17 page instructional eBook that contains all the drills, methods and instructions for using the Darren Talbot Club Cricket Award.

Club Cricket Award Scoresheet

Use this sheet to track your young players improvements while they do the CCA. Download and print as many copies as you wish.