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How To Bowl  With The Consistency and Rhythm of Andy Caddick

By Andy Caddick, former England International Fast Bowler
Fast bowlers and their coaches all over the world and of all ages suffer from two problems. The first is lack of pace; the second is not enough consistency.
It's frustrating for bowler and coach alike to see a fast bowler lose rhythm halfway through a spell. Even one bad ball an over can be enough to leak runs, keep the batsman interested and reduce a bowler's effectiveness.
The problem is made worse by the bowler trying to compensate for mistakes, just leading to more errors. Instead of fixing the problem it becomes a downward spiral.
But with knowledge of the right drills, methods and techniques all the worry can be left behind. A well drilled bowler is more consistent and finds it easier to get into rhythm. This leads to more good balls, less chance for the batsmen to score and a better haul of wickets from frustrated batsman unable to play with freedom.
More wickets mean more of a chance at a higher level with the holy grail of a professional contract or International honours in sight. Nothing gets you forward faster than taking wickets.
That's where I come in.
I have been to the very top of the cricket ladder and taken many wickets along the way. I know what it takes to overcome problems. I have come out of many ruts myself and made myself a consistent bowler. I have helped other young players find their own best techniques and rhythms.
Now I want to show you how you can do the same.
In this online coaching course I have outlined all the key aspects that allow a fast bowler to be consistent in an over, a spell, a season and a career. Fast bowling techniques that include:
  • My own secret technique for finding out your best run-up.
  • A detailed breakdown of the run-up for coaches and advanced players.
  • How to use your action to transfer pace onto the ball.
  • Little-known ways to correct poor technique in the action.
  • A series of first-class bowling drills to get the body in the right position for pace and accuracy.
  • My personal tips on the professional life, attitude, preparation and self-confidence.
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Chapter 1 - Choosing the right footwear for fast bowling
Choosing the right boot is one of the most important jobs for a fast bowler. Discover what you need to look for in this section.

Footwear for fast bowling

In this video, I discuss the important things to look for when buying and using cricket spikes for fast bowling (5m 09s).

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Chapter 2 - The perfect run up
Discover my unique methods for finding out your perfect run up.

How to get the perfect run up

This video shows you how to break the run up down into it's important parts and find out which length of run is best for you. Aslo includes notes for coaches and tips on positioning the umpire. (8m 41s).

Breakdown of the run up diagram

Use this diagram to better understand the three phases of the run up.

Run up angles

This video shows your the best run up angle for getting into a strong position to bowl the ball (3m 22s).

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Chapter 3 - Analysing the bowling action
The most important part of bowling is the action itself. Find out the important technical points of both pace and accuracy in this chapter

The bowling action

In this video I show you the key elements of a consistent action: the bound, the cock position and the non-bowling arm.  I also give you tips on the common faults I see with young bowler's actions (5m 32s).

Bowling line and length to build pressure

This video shows you my unique practice method for making sure you bowl a perfect line and length in any conditions (3m 26s).

The 3 most important parts of the bowling action

Good bowlers have good actions. Have you ever seen a first class bowler with a bad action? That's because a strong, repeatable action is the hallmark of all great bowlers. Find out the three things that can make an action repeatable.

The 3 most important parts of the bowling action (pdf download)

Download, print and read this article on the basics of bowling well.

Bowling action checklist

Print this checklist to take to the nets. It will help you identify your technical weaknesses and guide you towards the right corrective drills.

The bowling action (mp3)

Download and listen to this audio version of the bowling action video.

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Chapter 4 - Fast bowling drills
Learn all the drills I use to make sure I have both pace and accuracy over long bowling spells. These drills can be used by junior and senior cricketers alike.

Fast bowler's bound drill

Use this simple drill to learn how to get a more effective bound and get through the crease more quickly (3m 15s).

Fast bowler's bound and follow through drill

This drill is a progression from the bound drill. It now adds a full follow through and target practice. it can be used by young players to build an action or by senior bowlers to correct technical flaws (3m 01s).

Fast bowler's bound and follow through drill (pdf version)

Download and print this version of the Fast bowler's bound and follow through drill to take with you to the nets.

Young bowler's foot position drill

This drill will teach young cricketers to land in the right place at the crease. It is especially good for  players who are unsure of the correct foot position (2m 07s).

Young bowler's foot position drill (pdf version)

Download and print this version of the drill to take to the nets.

Fast bowler's arm position drill

One of the most common errors seen in all ages of bowler is incorrect arm position. Use this drill to correct the error and increase bowling accuracy (4m 02s).

Drill for correcting a no ball problem

Bowling no balls is a terrible habit. Use this drill to correct the problem in a couple of sessions (0m 46s).

Walkthrough warm up drill

Use this drill as part of your warm up to ease yourself into your action before a day's play (3m 04s).

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Chapter 5 - Andy Caddick on...
A wide ranging interview where I give my advice on technical, tactical and mental factors

Andy Caddick on...

In this interactive video I talk you through some of my experiences as a professional fast bowler. Topic we cover include:

  • Grip
  • Keeping an upright seam
  • Dealing with anger
  • Self-belief
  • How to get swing
  • Getting back into form
  • The professional life
  • Dealing with tough situations
  • Bowling to great batsmen on flat wickets
  • much more...

Andy Caddick on... (mp3)

Download the audio version of this interview and take it with you on your mp3 player.

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