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Countdown to Summer: The Guide to Perfect Preseason Training [1001.101.060.001]

Avoid the Biggest Mistakes of Preseason Training and Make it a Summer to Remember

Preseason nets are frustrating. 
I see it everywhere I go in clubs and schools. Dedicated players are working hard but are really just spinning the wheels with ineffective, old-fashioned methods.
Players arrive, barely motivated. They turn their arm over, have a hit with the bat and go for a drink. Nobody learns anything except the latest gossip.
It’s no wonder that, come summer, most players are frustrated by peaks and troughs of form and no idea how to go from low to high. Do you recognise these signs?
Just a few simple tweaks to your preseason nets will transform your performance.
It’s not like the effects of preparation a secret. Sports scientists and coaches in other sports have been using preseason training for decades. There are libraries full of research and cabinets full of trophies from successful sportsmen that show one
simple fact: 
Preseason training works.
It’s why every first-class team in the world spends so long preparing for the new season.
Countdown to Summer shows you how to adapt these methods to club and school level where time and resources are less available. You can start using the methods instantly when you .
WIth this eBook, that’s no longer an excuse. It’s a step-by-step guide to making the most of preseason whatever your level.
Following the path first-class teams in the winter your team will go on a winning streak come summer. Your contribution becomes vital and your skills get noticed by those who matter.
Everybody knows your name. You are at new levels of performance. You are ahead purely by the fact you know the difference between going-through-the-motions and training with a specific goal in mind.
It’s just that most players and teams do what they have always done and get what they always got: Average results.
You don’t want to be average. You want to win. Cricket is much more fun when you are succeeding.
You will be on the way when you get your copy of the Countdown to Summer eBook. The pages contain everything you need to transform your practice, including:
  • The 4 questions every cricketer and cricket team need to ask to succeed
  • The 7 things you absolutely have to do before the season begins
  • Simple, proven tricks to help get the whole team fit (tricks that are being used by real club cricketers right now, check the case study inside the book)
  • Effective but simple ways to change your indoor nets sessions from boring to dazzling
  • A top secret game that changes nets from a slog-fest to realistic practice
  • Simple ways to get around the problems of lack of time, resources and motivation in players
  • Bowling drills used by first class players in the pre-season
I know how difficult it is to change attitudes and get players working in new ways at club level. But I’ve also spent over 20 years coaching and playing. I’ve gone to the smallest club side and seen the will of senior players turn things around.
Take the village side of Waltham St. Lawrence CC. With less than a thousand residents and not even a train station, this place is small. Like you they don’t have first-class resources. They can’t train every day. They don’t play cricket for a living, they play for fun. Yet they were inspired by PitchVision Academy to transform their preparation.
They just used the simple methods in this book to make small improvements; each small step leading to the ultimate goal of success. They still have a long way to go, but they are changing the culture in the side. 
If you play or coach school, Academy or club cricket, this book is the essential guide to preseason practice and preparation: Jammed with tips, tactics and plans.
David Hinchliffe
Director of Coaching - PitchVision Academy
PS. FREE BONUS... As part of the introductory offer I am also giving away OVER AN HOUR of audio files on how to get the most from preseason training from coaches who are in the trenches and doing it year after year. To get the bonus audio all you have to do is buy the Countdown to Summer eBook by clicking ‘Buy’ now.
 Please note: this is an online course where the eBook, audio, and worksheets are all available instantly online. There is no physical product to be delivered so you get instant unlimited access. 
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