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You Can Coach Great Fielders with These Coaching Techniques

Learn cutting-edge methods from Mark Garaway in this online coaching course



How would you like your teams to be the best fielding units possible?

It's easy to picture: A stunning catch or run out turns a match. Solid run-saving makes the difference between winning and losing. It's also frustrating when guys who practice hard make silly mistakes in the field that are costly to results.

You know good fielding is in the grasp of your players. If you know how to teach them.

So, Mark Garaway has chosen to focus on how he has successfully applied new throwing and catching methods to his players to make them first-class and even world-class standard. Now you can learn these fielding secrets when you buy this course.

And if anyone knows this stuff, it's Garas!

Mark Garaway is one of the premier coaches working in the world today. Garas coaching CV is unparalleled: After a career in county cricket he started coaching at Hampshire Academy, moving though Hampshire First team up to England analyst, Ireland Cricket, ECB Coach Education and his current role at one of England's premier cricket schools: Millfield. He's done it all!

In the videos on this course, the coaching theory is wrapped up in Mark's simple and clear explanations, and the practice is show in the drills and live coaching that we see on the screen. It's a rare insight into the work of a coach who has hit and thrown lot of balls to a lot of players and learned a lot on the way.

But more than sheer "coalface" coaching, Mark Garaway has also worked with experts across many fields in his quest to develop players to their best. He draws in ideas from experts in movement, athletics, baseball, sport psychology and strength and conditioning. He has build a wide knowledge that he applies every day into cricket. He has filtered out the bad and has worked out the good, now he is passing it onto you so you don't need to take the same long journey.

The course includes:

  • High catching and infield drills that teach you how players move and improve their chances of taking the catch.
  • A guide to different movement types of players.
  • Ways to deal with catching into the sun.
  • A step-by-step way to build fast and accurate throws in everyone.
  • The latest methods from baseball in picking up and throwing to hit the target.

The course takes us to Millfield School, with detailed streaming video demonstrations of techniques and drills alongside insights from Garas on the theory behind the practice. Unlike a traditional coaching manual or DVD, you can interact with others on the course, take on the advice and video tips and apply them immediately.

It's a coaching masterclass on working with players to get first-class fielders.

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Chapter 1 - High Catching
Learn the drills and skills of taking skiers reliably

High Catching Technique

Streaming video of catching techniques. (5m 21s)

5 Cone Drill

Streaming video catching drill (5m 7s)

Monster Machine Gun Drill

Streaming video of high catching fielding drill (2m 35s)

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Chapter 2 - In Field Catching
Choose and coach different catching styles for an easy route to more catches

In Field Catching 1

Streaming video skills and drills for infield catching (15m 37s)

  • Skills and drills
  • Katchet assessment
  • Line drills

In Field Catching 2

Streaming infield fielding drills (7m)

  • Difficult line drills
  • Experimenting

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Chapter 3 - Slip Catching
New drill methods for efficient slip catching coaching

Slip Catching Drills

Slip catching drills for spinners and seamers (6m 1s)

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Chapter 4 - Throwing Technique
Teach your cricketers to throw with baseball techniques

Throwing Technique 1

Watch the first four drills in developing throwing technique (14m 31s)

Throwing Technique 2

Watch the streaming video of the last four drills in throwing technique (6m 52s)

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Chapter 5 - Run Outs
Hit the stumps more often with these drills

Inner Ring Run Outs

Streaming video of three ways to execute more run outs. (10m 51s)

  • Attacking side throws
  • Defensive side throws

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Chapter 6 - First Class Fielding eBook
Download and read the 54 page eBook (pdf format)

First Class Fielding eBook

Download the 54 page eBook (pdf) including diagrams and pictures.

Exclusive Course Forum

DIscuss fielding skills and drills with other coaches