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Get Wheels: Strength and Conditioning Programme to Improve Pace and Reduce Injury [2010.20.045.001]

How Safe is Your Fast Bowling from a Career-Ending Injury?

Revoultionary Cricket S&C Coach Reveals the Specific Training Programme to Bowl Faster and Prevent Injury

Fast bowling puts huge demands on your body. You risk a premature end to your bowling career through huge impact and twisting forces every time you bowl. If you have ever felt the ache of a sore back or shoulder after a bowling session you already know how awful that feels.

You see it even at the top level, where International fast bowlers drop like flies under the intense pressure of trying to bowl quickly. And these are the guys with access to the top strength and conditioning trainers.

It's no wonder you are concerned about how exactly you can stay on the park. It's a problem that is solved with this online coaching course .

You may have even experienced the frustration of an injury yourself. There is nothing worse than feeling mentally up for the fight against batsmen, but having a strain or soreness that stops you from playing. You just get to fume on the sidelines while someone else takes your place. At best you miss game experience, at worst, some other bowler moves ahead of you in the pecking order and leave you playing a lower level.

It's a nightmare and even if you have never had it yourself you are sure to have seen someone who has.

What's the anwer to this problem?

Problem 1: Does just bowling work?

You could try and keep it simple and traditional and just bowl.

It's a method that worked for many fast bowling legends in the old days, and one that's still put forward even today. Many young bowlers take this route.

And many young bowlers also end up with stress fractures in their low back.

In the old days you would just play through the pain and hope it didn't finish you off.

If you are lucky, that could happen to you as well. And if you want to rely on hope and luck to get you to the top of the fast bowling ladder you are welcome to stop reading here. There is nothing in this online coaching course for you. That is your gamble to take on your body and career.

But what if you want to do something?

If you are still reading, the chances are you want to take control about bowling fast and remaining injury free. There is a place for bowling and building up stamina, but that is certainly not where it ends.

And you can take that shortcut by enroling on this online course now .

Problem 2: Can I get a trainer?

Many bowler's are in this position and even start training. They go to the gym or they use bodyweight exercises like press ups and sit-ups to get fit to bowl.

While this is certainly a step up from the "just bowl" method, it's still not going to help you to bowl faster or keep injury away.

Gym trainers work from templates for general health and fitness and don't understand the needs of fast bowlers. Even if they are sympathetic to the fitness needs of cricketers, they have not worked with enough to understand the art of programme design for the paceman.

Plus they cost a fortune. Have you seen the hourly rate of a personal trainer? Yikes!

On the other hand, this course gives you a complete programme designed by cricket S&C coach Steffan Jones.

Problem 3: Can I train myself?

For many, the answer to this is to do some research on google and try to become an instant expert on fitness for fast bowling. You have probably already got this far yourself, so you know how it is a tantilising yet frustrating experience.

There is so much advice online - much of it conflicting or incomplete - that you don't know quite where to start. It's a needle in a haystack the size of Eden Gardens. Individual bits of advice seen fine in themselves, but how to you put that into a workout?

And how do you ensure one thing you are doing doesn't conflict with another method from a different trainer?

You could go to university, get your diplomas then spend a few years trying methods on yourself and other fast bowlers. But that really realistic unless you want to be a strength coach instead of a fast bowler.

So where do you go next to end the mental pain of hunting for answers and the physical pain of injury?

The solution: Let Steffan Jones do the work

Steff Jones played professional cricket for a lifetime before becoming a respected strength coach. He transformed firstly himself and secondly a string of professional and upcoming cricketers through his ground-breaking strength and conditioning programme.

When you enrol on this online course you will get the programme that Steff has used with huge success to put pace on bowlers like you while also stopping injury problems in their tracks.

The bowlers in his care simply take more wickets by being quicker and bowling more overs that others who don't follow these simple methods.

And if you can imagine yourself after following this plan, you know you will also be a better bowler.

This online fast bowler's training programme solves your S&C problems by providing,

  • The complete, proven exercise plan, day-by-day, exercise-by-exercise, that is used by Steff Jones in his SJ Enhancing Performance Personal Cricket Training business.
  • A total video database of all the exercises used so you can develop the correct technique.
  • A measurable progression plan to allow you to keep improving through the weeks of the programme.
  • A 30 minute interview outlining the reasons behind Steffan's methods
  • Access to an exculsive member-only forum to discuss the training and motivate yourself to stick to the plan with like-minded members.
  • A free bonus recommended nutrition and supplement plan, tested by Steffan, that helps you fuel yourself correctly for fast bowling.

It really is the end-to-end answer for all fast bowlers who are concerned with getting onto the oval. If you want to cause destruction, you need this programme.

Here is what one member, Andrew Hicks, wrote about the plan;

"I just bought Get Wheels on PitchVisoin and I'm extremely impressed with the quality and depth of the program. Thank you very much for making such a great resource available!"

 Click the green "Buy" button to enrol now and get started today.


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Chapter 1 - Fast Bowling Exercise Programmes
Your step-by-step exercise programmes


This is the level one plan, complete it before progressing to the next levels. Download the PDF file to print and take to the gym. It contains all the exercises, sets, reps and rest periods for you to follow.


 This is the level two plan, complete level one first then complete this plan it before progressing to level three Download the PDF file to print and take to the gym. It contains all the exercises, sets, reps and rest periods for you to follow.


This is the level three plan, complete levels one and two first then complete this plan. Download the PDF file to print and take to the gym. It contains all the exercises, sets, reps and rest periods for you to follow.

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Chapter 2 - Exercise Database
Videos of all the exercises in the programme. If you are unsure of a technique, here is where to find the exercise.

Exercise Database

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Chapter 3 - Bonus Content
Additional support material to the main programme

Diet and Supplement Guide

A quick, simple PDF guide to diet and supplementation. Nothing in this guide is designed to supercede advice given by a health care professional.

Steff Jones Interview

Watch the 30m detailed interview

Exclusive Course Forum

 Enter the forum to chat with like-minded bowlers who are striving to stay injury-free and bowl fast.