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Hit the Ground Running: JP Duminy’s Classic Techniques and Tactics  [1010.201.010.002]

I'm JP Duminy and this is the classic techniques and tactics of my 2-course series on batting: Hit the Ground Running.

In this exclusive course I show you not just my basics to classic technique, but also the tactics I use to be a successful batter.

It's a perfect base to play all forms of the game.

The course is a combination of online videos, downloadable dossiers, worksheets, interviews, forums and drills: all produced at my home ground of Newlands in Cape Town.

I'm doing this exclusive online course for the first time because I've always been grateful for the coaching I received when I was developing my game.

As a youngster I admired players like Herschelle Gibbs but only got to learn from him when I made it as a professional.

When you enrol on this course you get access to me in the way I wished I had access to top players growing up.

Like I found myself playing with Herschelle, maybe you will find yourself playing together with me somewhere around the world.

I can't be with you in person but this course allows me to give you a detailed understanding of tactics I've learnt along the way.

All you need to follow my technical and tactical processes is this course and a team to play with.

So what will I teach you?

  • My signature shots - the drives and cut - alongside exactly how to play them.
  • Why you need a trigger move and how to develop one while avoiding the pitfalls of a bad trigger.
  • My tips on being a 3-dimensional cricketer
  • The exact mental tricks and tactics I use to score hundreds.

Most importantly, I teach you how to teach yourself.

Everyone is different and learns in different ways. With personalised hard work and practice you will make great strides forward. I have seen it happen to myself and this course allows me to show you how I did it. In total there is:

  • 17 online videos with instant access to a DVD worth of video
  • A complete technical dossier on my classic signature shots with coaching points, tactical advice, preparation tips and drills
  • a CDs worth of audio interviews
  • 3 personalised work sheets so you can start using my methods in your own situation straight away.


All you need to do is enrol in the course to get instant access to all the resources.

Click on the "Buy Now" button.

JP Duminy


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Chapter 1 - Foundations of Technique
You can't build a house without foundations and you can't play any shot without a reliable set up and trigger move. Because both traditional and modern technique both start with the same fundamentals - and I believe these are critical to your success as a batsman - I'm including this chapter in both my courses.

Build a Solid Foundation with an Effective Set Up

 Match the essentials of the grip, stance and backlift to your own game. Apply the drills and coaching tips to ensure you are getting in good positions to play shots.

Why You Need a Trigger Move

Use this streaming video of net coaching to identify the importance of a good trigger move (and how to avoid the mistakes of a bad trigger). 

Foundations of Technique Resources and Drills

Download this pdf guide that contains photos, tips and drills for the step-by-step guide to having the perfect set up and trigger move.

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Chapter 2 - Score Quickly and Effectively with Classic Shots
Even these days, there is a place for the classical shots that will get you a lot of runs. This section shows you how to play my three signature shots that work at every level and format. Analyse the techniques and compare them to your own game.

How to Off Drive

Watch this streaming video that explains the key points of the off drive. Analyse the technique against your own and practice your off drive with drills.

How to On Drive

 Watch this streaming video that explains the key points of the hardest shot to play - the on drive. Analyse the technique against your own and practice your on drive with drills.

How to Cut

 A powerful cut shot is classic and sends a statement to the bowler that you are dominating. Watch this streaming video that explains the key points of the cut. Analyse the technique against your own and practice your cut with drills.

Classic Shots Dossier

 Download and print this complete dossier resource of the classic cricket shots. For your eyes only.

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Chapter 3 - Secrets of Scoring Hundreds
Good batting goes beyond classical technique. To score runs you need an effective method, calm approach and cricket brain: you need a game plan. Discover how to do that here.

Batting Tactics

Use this streaming online video to:

  • Analyse a typical innings moving to a hundred.
  • Examine shot selection at different times in an innings.
  • Compare the difference between going in early and late in a one-day innings
  • Identify how to rotate the strike.
  • Compare when to make changes to your guard.

How to Score a Hundred: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this interactive online timeline, you will be able to analyse the mental and tactical appraoch to scoring a hundred from the first ball to the last.

Secrets of Scoring Hundreds

Download this complete pdf resource that discusses how you go through an innings all the way up to a hunded. The guide also discusses:

  • batting at the death.
  • playing in longer games.
  • developing fielding and bowling skills to be the complete modern cricketer.

Combine the tips in this resource with the worksheet in the next section.


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Chapter 4 - Personalised Worksheets
The worksheets in this section all tie back to the information you have learned in the previous chapters. Once you have reviewed the course content, download the sheets and fill them in at your practice sessions to accelerate your progress.

Foundations of Technique Drill Sheet

Download, print and complete this worksheet every time you go to the nets to work on your set up and trigger move.

Classic Shots Drill Sheet

Download, print and complete this worksheet every time you go to the nets to classic batting shots.

Secrets of Scoring Hundreds Worksheet

Download, print and complete this worksheet to analyse your own game and develop a personalised coaching plan.

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Chapter 5 - Downloads
The content in this section is designed to help you develop on the go. Download the audio to listen anywhere you have your iPod

JP Duminy Tactics and Preparation Interview

 Download and listen to this mp3 interview recorded at Newlands, Cape Town on batting tactics and preparing in the right way.

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