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How To Bat in Twenty20 Cricket [1002.201.010.003]
By Gary Palmer, PitchVision Academy Batting Coach

Have you ever wondered how the professionals score at strike rates of 150 runs per hundred balls without resorting to risky slogging?

The modern approach requires a total change of mindset from the traditional techniques and tactics. No longer can you afford to pat back good length balls and hit half volleys for 'just' four. You need to maximise the run scoring from every ball while also minimising your chances of getting out.

That's why this course exists: To take you past the coaching manual and into the best ways to improvise from the first ball to the last in the short format.

  • Find out the ways to position your body for safe, fast scoring that you won't find in the coaching book.
  • Learn the techniques for how to work length balls into gaps or hit them over the rope.
  • Discover the essential drill for turning a half volley into a six.
  • Master the one movement you need to score all round the ground at the death.
  • Play the shots that are lowest risk against swing bowling.

Hitting boundaries with controlled shots and good technique will lead to Twenty20 batting success. The only place online that you can learn how to do that is this course.

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Chapter 1 - Scoring against good length bowling
Learn how to work accurate bowling into gaps or score boundaries.

Introduction to fast scoring

In this video we show you the techniques used by professional cricketers to work good length deliveries into the gaps, hit boundaries along the ground and strike big sixes (5m 29s)

Drills to hit length bowling into gaps

This video shows you how to maneuver your body to allow you to hit the ball into the off side or the leg side and hit the gaps. (3m 40s)

Drill for hitting the good length ball for six

If you want to clear the boundary you need to get under the ball. The safest place to hit it it straigh back over the bowler's head. This video shows you how. (2m 28s).

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Chapter 2 - Scoring against swing bowling
Good swing bowling is difficult to play, but in Twenty20 you have little time to play yourself in, this chapter shows you how.

Introduction to scoring against swing bowling

This video highlights the best techniques to adapt against different types of swing bowling lines. (2m 33s)

Drills for scoring against inswing

These drills will show you the best ways to hit inswing bowling. (6m 22s)

Drills for scoring against outswing

This video shows you the drills for scoring against different lines of out- or away-swing bowling. (5m 01s)

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Chapter 3 - Playing half volleys, yorkers and full tosses
Learn how to deal with different types of full deliveries

Drills for hitting half volleys for six

It's easy to drive a half volley along the ground and hit the gaps. However if you want to go big you need to get under the ball. These drills show you how. (1m 52s)

Drills for playing yorkers and hitting full tosses

Most bowlers will aim to bowl yorkers to reduce the scoring rate. Sometimes they get it wrong and give you a ful toss. This video shows you how to deal with both. (3m 24s)

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Chapter 4 - Hitting boundaries by clearing the front leg
At the death you need to improvise to score quickly

Hitting boundaries by clearing the front leg

How to score boundaries quckly around the ground in the last few overs: The secret is getting back and deep in the crease and getting the front leg out of the way. (3m 32s)

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Chapter 5 - The Nets
Use these resources to improve your practice quality

Twenty20 net session planner

Download and print this sheet to take to the nets and use it to work on your weaknesses in Twenty20.

Bonus article: How to score quickly in Twenty20 cricket

Download this article explaining the best ways to score quickly while minimsing risk.

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