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How to Become a Cricketer: Effective IPL-level Skills and Tactics [2012.401.088.002]

Finally Become a Cricketer

IPL Talent Scout and Academy Coach Monty Desai Shows You How to Find and Take Your One Chance

Do you want one chance to become a cricketer?

Are you frustrated by a world that does not give you the chance to prove your skills?

You are not alone.

And Monty Desai knows exactly what you need to do. He knows because every day, young players from all over India contact him to ask for a place on his Mumbai Academy. They are passionate, talented and loyal. Like you, they simply wish to be able to prove they have the ability to play at the highest level.

Like you, they know that chances do not come along often and they must grab them with both hands. They dream that they show their cricketing talent. They picture a time when they are pulling on the India jersey to play with pride for their country. They want to raise their bat aloft to the cheers of millions.

Is this all just a dream?

Monty Desai knows that it's very much a reality. He's seen it time and time again.

Though his Sport Life Academy in Mumbai Monty works every day to develop players who are ready for the IPL, ready for the Ranji Trophy and ready for India. He is an IPL Coach and Talent Scout with Rajastan Royals, and has worked with high-class players, and players who he has made high-class through his Academy.

Here is one such story from Monty himself:

"We had one tennis ball player who had come from the South of India, now he is in Bombay. He somehow found the way to come here to play. He knew one person. But there's an Almighty who just creates a way. This boy's contact knew me through tennis ball cricket and he sent me a phone message saying 'Coach, you need to look at this boy he bowls quick. He's an interesting character.'

"When we looked at him he was bowling quick. Then we asked him his history and we came to know that he's a fisherman's son and he was living in somewhere small village out there and we came to know the whole story and we were taken aback.

"Three years of work and we were able to put him into the system. He trained himself very hard and the credit goes to that boy. He was able to grasp what we were given to him, a lot of the techniques which were taught to him he was able to do that repetitively. He was able to practice that, day in and day out. He was smart enough to understand how to go about in the practice and he has progressed to state level cricket.

"He somehow he found the way to reach his dreams."

There's no doubting the pedigree.

But Monty can't accept every raw talented cricketer to hone into a professional So, the answer is to bring the Academy to you through this online coaching course.

The course contains all the tools you need to find your chance and take it.

You bring your talent, your hard work, your commitment and your loyalty. Monty brings the videos and book filled with tips:

  • How to practice to prepare for both IPL and Test cricket.
  • How to find your strengths and weaknesses as a player.
  • Proven IPL tactics for batsmen, seamers, spinners and fielders.
  • The skills to learn to give you the best results in the shortest time.
  • The right trigger move for you.
  • A foolproof way to build confidence as a cricketer.
  • How spinners can manage in short format cricket.

With videos and a complete eBook, you can start your journey to become a cricketer. You can know the advice comes from a coach with vast experience. Of course, you still need to work hard, but you are ready for that. With this guide you can work hard, work smart and make your dreams come as true as that Fisherman's son.

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Chapter 1 - Effective IPL-level Skills and Tactics
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Developing Batsman Skills

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Key to Batting Success

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Trigger Moves

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Developing Spinner Skills

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Spinner Twenty20 Tactics

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Chapter 2 - Effective IPL-level Skills and Tactics eBook
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Effective IPL-level Skills and Tactics eBook

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