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Stop Scoring Pretty but Pointless Twenties (And Start Making "Daddy" Hundreds)

by Dr. Laurence Houghton MSc, Honours, BSc; University of Western Australia.

How many times have you seen a pretty 20 or 30 get wasted and a big hundred thrown away? BATEX solves that problem by using simple audio cues to make nets more realistic and let the runs flow.

Traditional net practice seems specifically designed to teach batsmen how to look good for a while then get out to a silly shot. What else is 10 minutes of random hitting against average bowling designed for?

It’s frustrating to know that there was no technical fault that got you out; just your own lack of fitness or concentration.

Yet we continue to use nets in the same way: not running between the wickets and certainly not in the same rhythm of a match. It’s obvious that if you do what you always did, you get what you always got.

With BATEX things are different. Get the files now.

When you use BATEX you are training body and mind to make big scores.

Nets are transformed into sessions where you are practicing as if you were actually scoring a hundred. That means when you go out into the middle you know exactly what it’s like to power through different stages; building a perfect innings.

Player averages start to soar. Team totals begin to rise. Runs can’t be ignored and selectors start using phrases like “knocking on the door”.

Once batting standards improve everyone gets noticed: Batsmen with aims of becoming a professional can start to picture the life of scoring runs for a living and spending summer days getting paid to play the game they love.

Team coaches bask in the glory of producing excellent batsmen and giving something back.

Meanwhile, captains can enjoy the respect gained from more trophies in the cabinet at the end of the season.

Instantly Make Net Practice Valuable

BATEX creates a unique training environment from a normal net session. Using a simple audio cue track that can be played during indoor or outdoor practice, the system:

  • Tells players how many runs they need to score in 6 different game scenarios. As players have to decide when to run - and then actually run - they are improving tactical awareness and fitness at the same time
  • Cues when the ball is fed at intervals similar to a game. So unlike a normal net where balls are delivered every few seconds, the batsman gets a feel for the pause between balls, learning how to “switch off” and “switch on,” just like in a match.
  • Allows players to bat alone, in pairs or in threes. This improves the efficiency of group training and gives each batsman more time at the crease in a realistic situation.
  • Is spilt into 6 20 minute blocks based on different points in an innings. You can pick and choose based on your needs and time available.
  • Comes with a 19 page e-manual containing a complete 12 month training programme using BATEX. The guide shows you how to use BATEX in any situation whether you are a well-resourced Academy coach or a player popping down to the park nets.

Get the BATEX files and e-manual now.

Why BATEX Works

My name is Laurence Houghton. I play club cricket and as a former student at Loughborough University I have seen firsthand how hard the best cricketers train. I’m currently researching batting performance at the University of Western Australia. I developed BATEX for my PhD project: “The development and implementation of a simulated cricket batting innings for testing and training.”

I was frustrated by the lack of realism in net sessions too. I decided to develop a better way and came up with BATEX.

I have run BATEX literally hundreds of time using batsmen from ordinary club players to elite level professionals. I was using it to gather data for research but the more I used it the better feedback I got.

I used players from the University cricket team in my research and they were using BATEX a couple of times a week during the season. The strange thing was that one day, a few month into the research, a player came to me and thanked me for letting him use BATEX.

It had turned his form around and he was getting runs.

He said he was feeling more confident at the crease.

He was going out to bat in the knowledge he had virtually played the innings before.

It was a revolution in training to him.

I asked around and other player reported the same. It was so simple to set up they had even started using it in their normal net sessions. I certainly couldn’t use this feedback in my research but what I could do was pass on this transformation to other cricketers around the world.

So now I’m giving you the chance to change your game with BATEX.

To get instant access to: the BATEX e-manual, 41 minute audio and all the BATEX files you need to transform your next net session, click the green buy button now.

Please note: this is an online course where the eBook and audio are all available instantly online. There is no physical product to be delivered so you get instant unlimited access. 


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Chapter 1 - How to Instantly Improve Net Practice with BATEX
Get the complete integrated programme for developing skill and fitness with BATEX

How to Instantly Improve Net Practice with BATEX (Manual)

 This 22 page, 5,000 word e-manual is the complete guide to everything you need to start using BATEX at your next net session.  It includes:

  • A complete programme of training with BATEX for off-season, pre-season and in-season
  • A detailed explaination of why BATEX works so much better than normal net practice
  • How to setup BATEX quickly and easily in ANY standard cricket net
  • Ways to coach groups and teams of players with BATEX
  • An examination of how to combine BATEX with other forms of training

Right click on the link above and chose "Save Target As..." to instantly download the eBook.

How to Instantly Improve Net Practice with BATEX (audio)

Download and listen to this 41 minute audio discussion on how to get the most from BATEX.

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Chapter 2 - BATEX Files
Download the BATEX audio files and play them during nets

BATEX Stage 1: Building Momentum

BATEX Stage 2: Taking Initiative

BATEX Stage 3: Fighting Back

BATEX Stage 4: Powerplay

BATEX Stage 5: Maintaining Tempo

BATEX Stage 6: Closing Out the Game

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Chapter 3 - BATEX for Pairs Files
Download this version of BATEX for training with pairs of batsmen. Play them during net sessions.

BATEX Pairs All Stages

 All BATEX pairs stages in a 2 hour mp3 file.

BATEX Pairs Stage 1: Building Momentum

BATEX Pairs Stage 2: Taking Initiative

BATEX Pairs Stage 3: Fighting Back

BATEX Pairs Stage 4: Powerplay

BATEX Pairs Stage 5: Maintaining Tempo

BATEX Pairs Stage 6: Closing Out the Game

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Chapter 4 - BATEX in Action
See BATEX being used at the WACA nets in Perth

BATEX in Action Video


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