How To Play the Perfect On, Off and Straight Drive | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips
How To Play the Perfect On, Off and Straight Drive [1002.301.010.002]

By Gary Palmer, PitchVision Academy Batting Coach

Front foot driving, especially the on drive, is the hallmark of a fine batsman. Use this course to start playing better drives no matter what level you play.

  • Learn the fast-track batting drills used by professional coaches and professional players.
  • Watch my exclusive video of the 3 elements of a good front foot drive and open up the entire V, not just the off side.
  • Learn the fastest way to build an on drive and flick off the legs from scratch with nothing but a tennis ball.
  • Hear and see the main technical points of each front foot drive.
  • Adapt all the drills and techniques to any level from professional to beginner.
  • Find out how to setup and use a bowling machine for driving drills.
  • See how to set up a game to practice your driving tactics and shot selection.

This course also features lifetime access to an exclusive 24/7 support forum. Here you can interact with other batters all over the world also trying to improve their drives. Your questions will be answered any time by me or my highly experienced assistant coaches.

The drills and methods in this course are the ones I use every day with the professionals I coach. They are unique to me and not available anywhere else online. Follow my progressions and, like the players I have coached to the top, you can see your average go through the roof.

Player feedback

"I have purchased the front foot drive coaching session. We have really enjoyed the teaching and I'm really impressed with the format." - John Hamilton

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Chapter 1 - Driving Technique is a simple as ABC
An introductory guide to the common elements of effective driving technique.

Driving Technique is a simple as ABC
To be a successful batter it is essential to be efficient in your ABCs. Discover what they are and why they are important in this article. 
The ABC of front foot drives
In this video we show how aligning your body and bat correctly is the secret to good front foot driving (7m 57s).

The ABC of front foot drives (summary)
In this more formal interactive presentation we explain key points about improving your drives and score safely through a wide area.

Driving technique (pdf download)
This free sample of the Batting Mechanics eBook includes photos and explanations of all the front foot drives for you to download, print and take to the nets.

To purchase the rest of the book and get all the other shots along with tactical and mental tips click here

Guaranteed: How to play the perfect drive every time

In this article we learn the importance of technique and how to groove it to perfection every time.

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Chapter 2 - The Off Drive
Smash a half volley through the off side with ease.

Off drive technical video
A step-by-step breakdown of the off drive, including a slow motion analysis of the shot. (2m 53s)

Building off side drives with 2 simple drills
In this video we show you 2 simple drills you can do with a bobble feed, a bowling machine or throwdowns. These methods teach shoulder rotation to get to the line of the ball properly (3m 03s).

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Chapter 3 - The Straight Drive
Learning to straight drive teaches you to keep neutrally balanced: An essential ability for all shots.

Straight drive technical video
A step-by-step breakdown of the straight drive, including a slow motion analysis of the shot. (3m 03s).
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Chapter 4 - The On Drive
The sign of a good batsman is an effective on drive. Learn how to play it perfectly here.

On drive technical video
A step-by-step breakdown of the on drive, including a slow motion analysis of the shot. (3m 40s).
Building and fixing the on drive with a bowling machine
The on drive is hard to learn because it's easy to get your bat alignment and balance wrong. These drills walk you through the progressions you can do with a bowling machine (or with throwdowns) to get your positioning correct and execute the shot with timing and power.(7m 54s).

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Chapter 5 - The Front Foot Flick off the Legs
A good shot to a half volley outside leg stump. Many batsman miss out.

Front foot flick technical video
An analysis of the flick off the legs through the leg side. Includes advice on how to play the shot in different situations. (4m 09s).

Improving your front foot flick with an extra set of stumps

All you need to take advantage of the bowler offering you a free hit through the leg side is an extra set of stumps and a bowling machine (or someone to give throwdowns). (1m 57s).

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Chapter 6 - Front Foot Drive Drills
Learn how to construct the technically perfect shot and then perform it under pressure.

Developing perfect drives with simple drills (parts 1-2)
Jeremy Frith helps us go through some simple drill progressions that improve technique and timing. These drills can be used with any level player from beginner junior to experienced county player. (8m 21s).
Developing perfect drives with simple drills (parts 3-5)
In parts 3 and 4 we examine the secret drill progressions that are rarely used outside of the professional game. The video concludes with some drills to help correct driving faults. (14m 22s).

Drive alignment drills
If your bat is not lined up right as you drive you decrease your timing and power. This video is a series of progressive drills to improve your alignment: 3 cone drills, hitting zone drills and flamingo drills. (7m 10s)
Front foot tactical game
A customisable game we use with all level players from professional to beginner. It's an effective way to bring in tactics and shot selection to your skill work against real bowlers, a bowling machine, one bounce or bobble feeds (3m 53s).
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Chapter 7 - How to Coach Drives to Young Players
This chapter focuses on the methods that work best in teaching front foot drives to beginners.

Constructing drives (part 1)
In this video we coach a young player in the basics of learning to drive (9m 31s).

Constructing drives (part 2)
In part 2 we show how to progress the young player onto more intense feeds (06m 50s).

Constructing drives (part 3)
In the final part of this series of videos we progress to coaching with a ball moving towards the player (8m 23s).

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Chapter 8 - Technical Worksheets
Use these sheets to assess your own or others techniques compared to what you have learned on this course.

Technical analysis worksheet
Print out this sheet and take it to the nets. Compare your own or others technique with the lessons you have learned on this course.
Batting action plan
Using the technical analysis sheet as a guide, print this worksheet and note down the technical errors you need to correct.
Batting practice plan
Print this sheet to plan out the practices and drills you are going to perform to solve your technical errors.
Batting Case Study: Ian Bell's poor alignment

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Batting Case Study: Trott, Bopara and Cook

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9 non-negotiable traits of batting technique

In this article we learn the 9 most important elements in batting technique, especially with front foot driving.

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