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Improve Your Batting With Simple Changes to Your Setup [1002.201.010.001]

By Gary Palmer, PitchVision Academy Batting Coach

Professional batting coaches will tell you the vast majority of technical errors they see in all shots start with something in a batters setup. Yet the player is not even aware they are making a mistake.

Do you recognise any of these errors in your game?

  • Poor footwork or "stuck" in the crease.
  • Closing the face of the bat too early or playing across the line.
  • Driving in the air.
  • Getting out LBW too much.
  • Restricted in your range of shots.
  • Playing short bowling badly.
  • Getting out to spinners.

Each error can be put down directly to something in your essential setup.

Each error is discussed and solved in this course.

Poorly chosen grip, stance and backswing are holding you back.

A good setup moves you forward.

A perfectly chosen setup will let you stay at the crease for longer when the going is tough, score runs more easily when the wicket is flat and will get you to levels you never thought possible.

I also know you will have personal preferences so this course has been designed to talk you through the options so you can decide what works best for your needs:

  • Open, closed and side on stances
  • Grip positions
  • The best alignment for a smooth swing of the bat
  • High and low backlifts

It's the kind of thing that has never been talked about before outside of the inner circle of the professional game.

Now you can know what I teach to the pros.

The videos and worksheets will enable you to construct a perfect setup.

Additionally, as part of the course I’ve provided you with a membership to our private, members-only page, where you'll be able to ask questions and discuss all things batting with me, my expert assistant coaches and fellow members already online from all around the world.

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Chapter 1 - Why you don't know the basics as well as you think
90% of technical flaws begin in the setup. How perfect is yours really?

The new basics of grip, stance and backswing
This video shows you why the setup is so important and how to use it to to correctly line up for every shot in the book (6m 54s) 
Grip, stance and backlift (pdf download)
This free sample of the Batting Mechanics eBook includes photos and explanations of the grip, stance and backlift for you to download, print and take to the nets.

To purchase the rest of the book and get all the other shots along with tactical and mental tips click here
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Chapter 2 - How to choose the perfect setup for your game
Common setup methods and how to choose the best one

The strengths and weaknesses of different grips
In this video we look at the hand on the bat. How do different positions change the way you play? Find out the perfect grip for your game. (6m 06s)

Choosing the right stance for you
We discuss foot, shoulder and head position in the stance. Should you be open, closed, wide stanced or somewhere in-between?

Improve your timing with a well aligned backswing
Like a golfer, the swing is the most important thing to a batter. Here we discuss how to align the swing correctly for timing and power. (7m 30s).

The 2 types of backswing
In this short video we look at the two types of backswing that batters use. (1m 19s).

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Chapter 3 - Troubleshooting common faults
The main faults players of all ages make and how to correct them

Troubleshooting 7 common faults with the grip, stance and backswing
We discuss the 7 most common faults that players have with their setup. No matter how you are getting out the the problem is probably in your setup. Find out what it is here. (6m 32s)
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Chapter 4 - Technical worksheets
Use these sheets to assess your own or others techniques compared to what you have learned on this course.

Technical analysis worksheet
Print out this sheet and take it to the nets. Compare your own or others technique with the lessons you have learned on this course.

Batting action plan
Using the technical analysis sheet as a guide, print this worksheet and note down the technical errors you need to correct.
Batting practice plan
Print this sheet to plan out the practices and drills you are going to perform to solve your technical errors.
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Chapter 5 - Free Bonus Chapter - Trigger Moves
As a free preview of the forthcoming trigger moves course, Gary gives you a guide to trigger moves against seam and swing bowling.

Free Bonus trigger moves video

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Discuss batting with other Academy members here.