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If you want to get straight to the drills, tactics and methods used to become a world-class batsman (without coaching dogma) you should click here to enrol on Keep Calm and Smash It online coaching now.

Keep Calm and Smash It is your guide to the experiences and techniques of Kevin Pietersen. Like KP did, you will learn how to make it as a batsman with your own style.

But this course puts aside the old-fashioned coaching manual. Pietersen believes he would never have been a success unless he learned to do it his own way. His style is unique. That's why Keep Calm and Smash It is different: it matches this philosophy.

The course is an online, interactive way for you to learn your own game and develop your own skills with the guidance of a current International player. It contains over an hour of videos that teaches ideas for you to put into place. You can watch KP in the nets and see:

  • How to get on top, and stay on top
  • Defeating pace and the ball turning
  • The factors that go into making up bulletproof self-confidence
  • Dealing with a slump in form – and coming through the other side
  • How to develop and play new shots like the switch hit
  • Secrets of making the most of practice

All the solutions are sorted into chapters (see below) that you can work through in any order, for as long as you like.  There are full colour manuals that contain pages of photos, diagrams and worksheets that allow you to come up with your own specific game plans and techniques. There is an exclusive discussion forum where you can share your batting thoughts and ideas. Maybe a batsman in India or England or Australia has had similar experiences to you.

Overall it all comes together to give you a total batting guide with not a word of dogma. It fits the modern cricket approach of being exciting and free of the shackles of the past. In a world where batsmen are all free to innovate and adapt to succeed, everything you need to is right here in Keep Calm and Smash It.

It’s not going to be easy, but who is better to guide and inspire you than Pietersen? If you have ambitions to improve as a batsman - whatever level of talent you have - then you should

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Chapter 1 - Mastering Basics
Even the most original batter has to be a master of basics. Discover the pillars of good batting here.

Head Position

  Different methods work for different people, but one constant is head position. This interactive video demonstrates correct head position.


  Interactive video explains a unique but essential backlift technique to allow you to hit safely with power.

Trigger Move

Analyse the reason for, and the technical elements of a trigger move that gets you moving at the crease. This interactive video identifies the keys to a good trigger in detail and allows you to discuss your trigger move in detail on the exclusive forum.


Mastering the basics is about practicing in the right way. Use this online assessement of your practice skills to iron out your practice weaknesses and make the most of time in the nets.

Mastering Basics Worksheet

Download, print and complete this worksheet to help you analyse, plan and assess your performance in practice at developing a solid base of batting basics. 

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Chapter 2 - Starting Out
Every batsman starts on nought and has to play with more care. Here are the high percentage methods you can use.

First Few Balls

Constructing an innings is one of the keys to batting success. After seeing this interactive streaming video you will be able to explain the important methods and tactics every batsman needs to apply to start well.

Playing Short Balls

Play the short ball well and you stop being afraid of fast bowling and start using it to score easy runs. The interactive video allows you to analyse when to play the pull and how to practice it effectively.


This interactive guide breaks down the pull shot to allow you to identify the key coaching points and construct your own method for playing the pull shot with balance and power.

Playing Spin

The first step to playing spin is to have an efficient defence. This interactive video demonstrates the modern way to defend spinners whether the ball is turning in or turning away. It turns out that the old fashioned style is all wrong for the cricketer of today.

Starting Out Worksheet

Download, print and complete this worksheet to analyse your own performance and methods early in your innings. Record and recall your past successes to help make you better in future.

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Chapter 3 - Attacking Seamers
How to assert your dominance against the quickies.


 Orthodox driving is a safe and easy way to score boundaries. This interactive video demonstrates how and when to play straight.

Slap Shot

A less orthodox way to accelerate your score is the slap shot. this interactive video describes when and how to play this shot that is not in the coaching book.

Finding the Gaps

This interactive video demonstrates how to emulate KP's ability to rotate the strike and work the ball where there are no fielders.

Attacking Seamers: Tactical Assessment

Use this interactive online assessment to analyse your awareness of different batting scenarios and how to play.

Attacking Seamers Worksheet

Download, print and complete this worksheet to establish your scoring areas, construct a game plan, and appraise the type of practice you need to do to maximise your strengths.

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Chapter 4 - Attacking Spinners
How to deal with the turning ball with confidence.

Attacking Spin

Playing spin bowling well is about getting on top of the spinner early. This interactive video demonstrates how to play safe, attacking shots against off spin, left arm spin and leg spin.

Using your Feet

There are several ways to use your feet to spinners. This interactive video shows you the most effective to emulate and score on both the off side and leg side.


This interactive video shows you how and when to play the three different types of sweep shot.

Attacking Spinners Worksheet

Download, print and complete this worksheet to assess your scoring areas against spinners and appraise your practice methods to make the most of your strengths. Also includes game planning and session assessment sheets.

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Chapter 5 - Death Batting
The best attacking shots to play at the end of a limited over game.

Hitting Out

When it's 'do or die' time at the end of an innings you need a plan for clearing the rope. This interactive giude gives you the options.

Death Batting Worksheet

Download, print and complete thos worksheet that helps you assess your practice and track your improvements when hitting out at the end of an innings.

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Chapter 6 - Keep Calm and Smash It - The Book
The complete downloadable eBook of the course.

Keep Calm and Smash It: Total Batting (eBook)

Download and read this printable version of the course with 29 pages, full colour photographs and diagrams.

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Chapter 7 - Support Material: Complete Videos and Audio
Stream the course videos and download the course audio.

Keep Calm and Smash It: Video Archive

Watch, analyse and discuss all the Keep Calm and Smash It Videos in this organised archive of all video content on the course.

Keep Calm and Smash It: Audio Archive 1

Download and listen to the audio (mp3) version of the Keep Calm and Smash it: Total Batting course. This is part 1 of 3.

Keep Calm and Smash It: Audio Archive 2

  Download and listen to the audio (mp3) version of the Keep Calm and Smash it: Total Batting course. This is part 2 of 3.

Keep Calm and Smash It: Audio Archive 3

  Download and listen to the audio (mp3) version of the Keep Calm and Smash it: Total Batting course. This is part 3 of 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use this interactive FAQ to find the section of the course that answers the most common questions asked by those enrolled on the course including:

  • How do I stop playing across the line?
  • Why do I keep edging the ball?
  • What's the best way to learn to play the short ball?
  • How do I keep the scoreboard ticking?
  • How do I stay balanced when playing shots?
  • How do I pick length?
  • How do I get a more solid defence?
  • How do I know when I'm in enough to start playing more shots?
  • How do I hit more boundaries?



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