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Keep Calm and Smash It: How to Play KP's Switch Hit  [1013.101.010.001]

Picture the scene: you are batting in a limited over match and well set.  You have been pulling and driving and flicking to leg so the on-side is packed.

You are getting a little tied down so you look for a scoring area. You look over and see nobody on the point boundary.

It’s time to unveil your switch hit like KP did in 2006 against the great Muralitharan, putting him over the rope and forcing him to change his field.

But the trouble is, how do you make the shot natural and effective?If you tried a wild swipe, missed it and got bowled you would look pretty silly. How about Kevin Pietersen teaches you exactly how to play the switch hit?

Yes, it’s unorthodox but it feels natural KP because he coached himself how to play it then practiced a hell of a lot. When you buy this course There aew videos and interactive guides to show you when to move; how hard to hit a switch and why you still need to get some basics right.

But it’s not just about the right technique. This course will test your ability to pick the right situation, and then show you how to keep your head. KP has made all the mistakes with it, so you don’t have to.

The switch hit is no longer a novelty; it’s an important shot for any modern batsman playing exciting, aggressive cricket. Learn it direct from Kevin Pietersen.

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Chapter 1 - How to Play KP's Switch Hit
Streaming video of how to play the switch hit

How to Play KP's Switch Hit (Interactive Video)

This video contains a complete breakdown of the switch hit including:

  • Philosophy
  • Origins
  • How Much Practice it Takes
  • The Mental Side of Switch Hitting
  • Tactics
  • Technique

7 Step Technical Guide to the Switch Hit

Although there is no set way to play the switch hit, there are certain key technical points to improve your chances of success. Use this video/image guide to understand the positioning of your hands, feet, bat and head as you play the shot.

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Chapter 2 - eBook and Practice Worksheet
Download the eBook and Practice Worksheet for the Switch Hit

Keep Calm and Smash It: How to Play KP's Switch Hit (eBook)

Download and read this printable eBook covering the how, why and why of the switch hit.

Switch Hit Worksheet

Download, print and complete this worksheet for tracking your practice sessions when learning to switch hit.

Exclusive Course Forum

Discuss Switch Hitting in the forum